Audra Beatty (Keller Williams)

I work the following Counties: Franklin, Benton, Spokane, Lincoln and Kootenie County, Idaho

Get to know Audra Beatty

I am down to earth.  I do not dress the part of a real estate agent therefore most people can relate to me.  I am the Jeans and Sweater kind of gal.  I can dress up when appropriate however when showing homes, no matter if they are a $5 home or a Multi-Million $ home, I dress casually. 

I have been commended on both my go-getter attitude and my no-nonsense sytle.

I am not afraid to tell someone that I don't believe that the property I am showing is not their house.  I am also not afraid to tell someone that I wouldn't purchase the house.  If I see issues with a house, I point them out.  On the flip side, if I see something I like, I point it out too!

When it comes to listing a house, I am the one who gets down to brass tax and tells the home owner that they need to do what I say with their home in order to get it sold.  If that means packing up all of their stuff that is not needed and putting it into storage, than that is what they do.  If it means painting a wall or even the entire house, they do it.  They know that I take all of my listings very seriously.

No offense to those honest real estate agents out there...
I also have an attitude that all real estate agents are scum until they have proven to me that they aren't.  Most people that I run across have been burned by a real estate agent and therefore it makes my job harder.  Although I have a huge client base and a huge following (so to speak), it is still hard to convince some home owners that I am unlike the rest.  I am not afraid to tell the home owner that I believe that all real estate agents are scum and that unless I refer an agent by name, I don't trust them.  This usually gets the home owners attention and then I follow with recommendations for them to call.  I wish it wasn't true, but some agents have proven to be the low of the low and then there are others that are the cream of the crop!  Those are the ones I want to meet.  I refer a lot of business out to other agents and am always looking to build my realtor friend base.


I work with:

Investors on Flip Projects Investors for Lease Option Properties Credit Challenged Individuals/Families looking to purchase a home All Price Ranges.  Currently (April 11, 2008), I have listings that range from $99,900 - $8.9M

Markets I work with:

Tri-Cities Area (Benton & Franklin Counties) Spokane Area (Spokane & Lincoln Counties) Couer D'Alene & Post Falls Area, Idaho (Kootenei County)

I Specialize in:

HUD Homes VA/OCWEN Homes Foreclosure Homes Bank Owned Homes Realtor Owned Homes Lease Optioned Homes
Languages (1)
  • English