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Seller Financing has been my area of expertise for over 8+ years. I love helping agents, sellers and buyers use owner financing to solve their current real estate challenges.

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I just wanted to write and tell you that now we have completed the entire process of purchasing a home with owner financing and ultimately refinancing in our own name how I’m very glad you and your team are out there to help people that don’t fit conventional buy/sell scenarios when they are in the market for a house. When we saw the ad for the house we really did think it was too good to be true. From the first call to the last email you have been amazing! I always have felt like everyone there cared about us and our family and worked hard to get the best deal for everyone involved. We couldn’t be happier with the house and the neighborhood. I loved how fast the process was. We saw the ad, checked you guys out, checked out the house and closed in a week. We did have some doubt about making a big purchase in a less traditional manner but you answered all our questions completely and really covered all the bases. You even fielded questions from other mortgage professionals that were aggressively looking out for our best interest. One of the other important things is that you didn’t disappear after the sale. You were always there through the whole process and the refinance and I could always count on you to return my emails or calls with timely helpful information. Thanks for making the experience great for us.

A very big thank you and I’m happy to be a reference!

Elizabeth A. – Austin, TX



Thanks to Common Ground Properties, my opinion of the mortgage industry has drastically changed.  Up to this point I viewed the mortgage industry as being full of a bunch of liars who baited you in with one thing and then after you got your heart set on a house they would change the terms, relying on the strong possibility that you wanted the home so badly you would just go ahead and sign a bad deal.  Common Ground Properties was the exact opposite, everything went down the way they said it would.  Jessica is a person of integrity and I would refer her to anyone who is looking to buy a home.

Sterling & Savanda H. – Georgetown, TX


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