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Bringing success to your web efforts is achieved by reviewing your goals, and planning your success using the best tools of the web.

I developed my first dot com in 1996; my life experience and web knowledge is deep; put it to work for you.

Let's create an app for you, and add it to Google Play, and the IPhone Marketplace, to feature your listings and business services; your own phone app can work wonders for you.

My husband, Philip Mayer, provides expert remodeling and repair advice for residential, or commercial buildings. Phil has years of construction, carpentry, and remodeling experience able to tackle the most demanding projects.

Understanding homes, and neighborhoods, is how we help you sell them.


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Social media marketing, search engine optimization, editing, writing, illustration, photography, graphic design, web design, web development, Joomla, newsletters, fund raising, public speaking, event promotion, artist, and equestrian.

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