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I am very happy and proud to be a real estate agent.  Since purchasing my first home at the age of 20, I have purchased several other properties over the years.  Unfortunately, the school of hard knocks was one of my biggest teachers.  Nevertheless, these experiences were deeply ingrained and will never be forgotten.  Personal experiences in seller financing, buyer going into bankruptcy, lease-purchase nightmare, tenant destruction of property, eviction procedures, hands-on experience with apartment rebuilding, etc...............  Still, after all this, "I Love Real Estate"  Currently, after three years as a real estate agent, I am trying to take my career to the next level and putting more time, effort, and money into my business.  Updating web page, trying to build a web presence, making friends and hoping to build a larger network of colleagues.  Life is a learning curve, the first time you try something new it is hard, second time it is easier, third time; hey, this might be fun!!!

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