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Barbie Van Horn
Barbie Van Horn
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Get to Know Barbie Van Horn

Although I've been in the title industry as a rep for over 14 years, a real estate investor for even longer than that,  first and foremost I am a wife and a mom.  My family is my true passion, followed closely by fine chocolate.

We live in Seattle and relax in a log cabin at Mt Baker.

I also ski, I'm getting better at blue runs (need more ski buddies), I love roller skating (old school skates), and walk Greenlake as often as I can (it is good to walk after eating chocolate).

Real estate has been good to me.  I remian a fan and will continue investing as long as it makes sense.

Any time you want to talk about fine chocolate...I'm in!





I'm intrigued by the speed at which technology is changing they way we work, communicate, and develop relationships.  Business isn't done quite like it used to be, Grandma never ordered my Christsmas gifts on Amazon when I was a kid. 

Even though I resist change in many areas of life, the changes caused by new technology are exciting, fun, and I think that they are important for all business people to embrace.

I  love finding people who are also interested and want to play on the new technology playground with me.




Title and Escrow Rep active in investing in real estate, love playing with technology. Enthusiastic blogger on fine chocolate.