Barb Singleton (Heart and Soul Designs)
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By using the best of Interior Design and Home Staging we transform your house to appeal to the largest market of potential buyers. Get the equity you deserve by staging your house before listing it

Get to know Barb Singleton

Barb Singleton of Heart and Soul Designs is a certified Interior Decorator and Home Stager.  The best of both worlds is used when staging a house for her clients. With the knowledge of space planning, traffic flow and current design trends, she transforms your personalized tastes in your home into a house that appeals to the masses in order to sell your house quickly and for top dollar.


Heart and Soul Designs specializes in staging un-lived in and vacant properties to thier best potential.  We have access to the best in accessories and furniture rentals along with local trades who understand the time sensitive nature of Home Staging.  Our trades come in and get the job done in a cost effective and time sensitive manner so that potential buyers won't have any repair issues to contend with.

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