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A professional speaker and consultant, focusing my efforts with online search marketing and social networking trends.

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Barry Hurd has over 15 years of entrepreneurial Internet and online marketing experience. As an author and prolific blogger, he has reached online audiences around the world. He specializes in consulting on business strategy, online marketing, and social media for business. Since the mid nineties, Barry has been involved in numerous efforts to bring forth technical innovation through online business models. Past projects have included NIKE, REI, TMP Worldwide,, Verizon Superpages, Intuit, and RIS Media.

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The staff at 123 Social Media has done a variety of consulting projects over the years, and our niche of marketing is constantly evolving into new and unchartered territory. The world of social media has presented a variety of new challenges to business of all sizes, both by the simply evolution of technology and the cultural adoption of message, brand, and image. You can some of the below categories of consulting we have worked with before:

Professional and Business Online Branding: with a list of ever-growing social media sites, profiles and social interaction about your brand become a valuable tool for establishing a presence online. Read this article on social media profile marketing as an introduction to this developing technique. Reputation Control: with so many conversations happening, understanding how your reputation affects your professional image is critical. Whether sites like Digg are voting about stories about your business, a local directory is rating your services, or a disgruntled employee has something witty to say about a day near the water cooler can change how people find you online. This article on 10 steps to reputation control helps identify how to avoid some common issues. Marketing and Conversion Site Audits: every site and business has different goals and varying audiences. Understanding the trends of users on your sites - where they came from, how they make decision, and what they are looking for is critical to maximizing your return on investment. Understand that social media leads are not created equal. Launch Planning: just like with public relations, you only have one shot to pull off most social media campaigns. Defining a strategic action plan from concept to execution avoids many fatal mistakes. We play well with other traditional PR and marketing teams, helping to detail how a launch interacts with the online audience. Understanding the conversation is a good place to start.