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The GSW Consulting Group is an Internet Presence Specialist firm. We help our clients develop a comprehensive online presence by analyzing their unique business personality and advising them on implementing strategies with Internet-based solutions to bring their business to a global audience.

We assist our clients with technology integration, online networking and marketing, web traffic analysis, search engine promotion, as well as web site optimization and content updates. Through the use of social media we instruct our clients on how best to cultivate a strong and personable online presence for the company and its employees. Social Media Optimization is about cultivating relationships in online communities that allow your business to connect with potential clients, employees, resellers, investors, and strategic partners.

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I was in the banking/real estate industry for 6 years, specializing in residential, construction, and commercial lending. In our quest to build a streamlined and successful lending business we had the pleasure of creating unique and highly effective business systems with Internet based marketing and advertising platforms, as well as Web 2.0 technology. We enjoyed working in this medium so much that we chose to do it full time.

We spend all day every day on the internet so you don't have to! We work with internet and video based business tools that create a more interactive and educational experience for your clients and strategic business partners.

We are truly passionate about our profession, and the result is that nearly 100% of our business is by referral from satisfied clients, trusted financial advisors, and the most experienced realtors and builders in Southern California.


Our Services:

Internet Presence Builder

Based upon a personal and company analysis we will assist you with blog integration, strategic social networking accounts, article publishing sites, technology integration, as well as online and offline marketing strategies.


Internet Presence Coaching

After you are on your way we do not want to leave you out there adrift. The online world is wonderful because it is always growing, but that can also make it difficult to keep up. We offer monthly subscription services, as well as one on one and group coaching to keep you motivated, supported, and in the know.


Community Management

The world of social media, SEM, SEO, web 2.0, blogging, and Internet presence domination can be grueling it requires consistency, creativity, and time. If there were just a few more hours in the day we know that you could do it all, but why would you want to? We have a team that will manage your social networks, build and maintain targeted relationships, create content, and monitor the results.


Corporate and Business Training

Things they are a changing and we are here to help the big boys catch up. We conduct training classes for corporate marketing and sales teams, as well as hold workshops for small and medium sized business owners. Our classes are split into beginner, intermediate, and expert social media topics. We teach businesses how to supplement offline marketing and sales initiatives with online social networking and community building. Lastly, we keep your sales teams educated, motivated, and accountable through monthly Internet presence coaching.

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