Brian Stark (Trustar Funding)

17000 St. Clair Avenue

Cleveland , OH 44110

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Private, direct real estate lender. We arrange as a broker what we cannot close as a direct lender.

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·Trustar Funding is a Private, Direct Real Estate Lender. We make loans to real estate investors, on houses and small commercial properties in Northern Ohio, and the New York / New Jersey metro areas.

·Transactional Funding: 100% funding, nationwide, for back-to-back closings. we lend 100% of the purchase price of ANY property, where there is a pre-arranged, immediate back-to-back sale of that property to another party, in the same escrow, on the same business day. 100% Funding, nationwide.

·Professional Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Brokerage. We arrange, as a broker, all types of commercial real estate finance, on ALL commercial property types, Nationwide. Multi family, office, retail, single use, hospitality, land, etc.

·Loan Servicing. Are you making a loan to another party, and need underwriting, proper documentation, loan origination and servicing? Trustar Funding provides all of these services for 3rd parties as well.


Lending, underwriting, securitization, servicing.

We are also experts at helping investors earn 11%, 12%, 15%  returns, providing capital for real estate loans.

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