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Brooke Shields
Before Britney and Lindsay, there was thick browed, long-legged Lolita Brooke Shields. Pretty Baby, The Blue Lagoon and her innuendo-packed Calvin Klein ads made her the teenage seductress of the 80s – a reputation perpetuated by high-profile dalliances with John Travolta and John F. Kennedy, Jr.

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Charlie & Brooke Sheen
The pregnancy doesn't come as a major surprise: The pair began talking kids right after their wedding, with Brooke joking that she wanted triplets. "Could you imagine if I really had triplets?" she told Extra in June. "He'd be like, 'Whoa!'"

The couple were married in front of about 60 close friends and family at a private estate in Los Angeles in May. Earlier this month, Sheen, 42, reflected on married life with Brooke, saying it's "fabulous." He added, "We're having a ball. I'm the luckiest man in the world."

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Music Beau Dozier: The backstory Akon has told everyone is that before making music, he served time in the clink for being apart of a car-theft ring. He's obviously moving past that. When it comes to Ross, some fans are telling his street credibility is compromised or downright contradicting whether he was, in fact, a prison guard.

"People know what type of dude Ross is right now," Akon's artist Kardinal Offishall chimed in at alike shoot in New York. "[They know] how thorough of a dude he is now. He doesn't have to prove himself to anybody. That's what an insecure person would do."
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"I went to the judge with a compromise solution where he could set aside the [fugitive of justice] warrant from last week, and I asked for one week so we can get the ball rolling and get his [Arizona] cases back on track," Kozelka told. "The judge told the bond was reasonable, and if Florida holds him, they hold him. I can tell you one thing: I've never seen this process before on a marijuana case."

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Beau Dozier profile: Young was discovered "unresponsive" by his mother at his home in Woodland Hills, Calif., on Aug. 23 after spending the previous evening out with friends. Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

As for what happened that night, the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner said there were no signs of trauma or foul play and toxicology tests have been ordered.

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Britney Spears Custody Battle With Kevin Federline Carries A Hefty Price Tag

The documents include legal bills from two law firms that total more than $466,000. In addition, Spears agreed to pay $250,000 of K.Fed's legal fees.

One attorney, Stacy D. Phillips, claims that Britney owes her $407,000 for nearly four months of work she did for the singer during her custody case. Phillips also tells that she's written off $125,000 in fees.

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The rest of the week's metal news:

Did drummer Gil Sharone leave Dillinger Escape Plan? That's the rumor, but confirmation has yet to come from either the band or Sharone himself. On Dillinger's MySpace page, in a blog post titled "It's true," the band simply wrote, " ... everybody loves a rumor." And that rumor suggests Sharone has rejoined his old band, Stolen Babies, and that DEP have been talking to Raanen Bozzio — son of drummer Terry Bozzio — about taking over behind the kit. Only time will tell if there is any truth to all of this, but we'll keep you posted. ...

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With a seat on the podium just over her mother's left shoulder, Chelsea repeatedly stood to applaud her mother. A Clinton source said that while her mom would surely campaign for Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, Chelsea would be getting back to her life in New York, where she is a hedge fund analyst.

She and her father, former President Bill Clinton, just arrived at the Denver convention on Tuesday morning. They both would, the source said, be staying only until Thursday morning – for Bill Clinton's Wednesday night address and a private afterparty for "alumni" of the Clinton-Gore White House and campaigns – meaning neither would be joining Hillary Clinton for Thursday’s big finale, when Obama claims the party's presidential nomination.

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Beau Dozier news: "I feel like a brand-new artist that just signed yesterday," West told before playing his video on a large wall via projector. West, who co-directed the clip with Spike Jonze, told that "every piece of the video is me, what I represent now."

The video is a hodgepodge of sex appeal, brashness, grace and humorous storytelling. Basically, the short revolves around a lady taking out her frustrations on a bound-and-gagged West in the harshest way.
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Star Searching
At 12, Archuleta wins the junior category of Star Search. A few years after his win, he is put under vocal rest to recover from a paralyzed vocal chord. "But that's what gives his voice an interesting quality to it. It's why he has kind of an airy sound to his voice," Dean Kaelin, Archuleta's vocal coach, later tells the AP. "This definitely was an obstacle he had to overcome. But for him, it's a blessing."

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Beau Dozier profile: Why, after all these decades of storytelling, do we still care about vampires?

Rathbone: Well, I think everybody wants to be a vampire. I used to want to be a vampire [when I was young]. It'd be great, you know? Run around at night, never die, kill people. It sounds like a great life!


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