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Insist On The BIG TRUCK We Feature The Worlds Most Powerful Cleaning Machine

Yes! The world's most powerful carpet cleaning machine is right here in Seattle, Washington! Our family owned company, Pure Clean, is just what you need to have the healthiest, cleanest home possible. We employ the industries highest trained specialist and use a “baby-safe” approach so that you never have to worry about harsh chemicals being used in your home. So you may be asking yourself, so why is it our Aero Tech mobile cleaning plants have earned the reputation as being "The World’s Most Powerful Cleaning Machine"? We’re glad you asked…

Our Pure Clean mobile cleaning plants can run two sets of hoses, both out as far as 1000 ft runs. What this means in residential cleaning, is carpets that dry in 1 hour or less. What this means for commercial cleaning work, is that we can clean where conventional truck mounted cleaning units could never go, and yet still enjoy 1 hour drying times.

In fact if we had enough vacuum hose to reach the top of the Space Needle from our Pure Clean truck mounted mobile cleaning plants, we would still enjoy 100 % vacuum at the top of the Space Needle. That’s some amazing vacuum power, that no other truck mounted mobile cleaning equipment other than our Pure Clean BIG TRUCK enjoys the bragging rights to.

What makes this possible is depicted in the following picture. The yellow blower is the size and capacity our BIG TRUCKS utilize. Compared to what other carpet care companies are using to clean and dry your carpets, you get a very good visual idea as to why other carpet care companies leave your carpets wet for so long. Faster drying carpets are just simply cleaner, healthier carpets. Insist on the BIG Truck!

How Does Pure Clean Stack Up Against The Competition?

If you are looking for the healthiest, deepest cleaning for your home or office then you found the right company. Pure Cleans "baby-safe" approach to cleaning your home will ensure your carpets look fantastic, but more importantly, they will be healthier than ever before!

Call (866) 387-PURE to schedule a carpet inspection and find out what its like to have your carpets cleaned by the "Best Carpet Cleaner In Seattle"

Pure Clean is a Snohomish County based carpet care specialist. Being in the industry and cleaning thousands of homes has made us the "go to" company when you need the job done right. We specialize in:

Making Carpet Look NEW Odor Removal ( Smoke, Wet Dog Smell, Urine, Etc. )  Specialty Stain Removal ( Koolaid, Urine Stain, Rust, Ink, Blood Etc. ) Upholstery Cleaning ( Haitian Cotton, Micro-Suade, Cotton, Synthetic, Etc )  Fine Rug Cleaning ( Wool, Oriental, Silk, Synthetic )  Green Cleaning Products Made With Natural Fruits And Vegatable Sources Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing Anti-Allergy Treatments ( Mattress Cleaning & Treating ) Hardwood Floor Reviving (sand-less)  Pressure Washing Window Washing

Carpet Cleaning Seattle| Pure Clean Pure Clean provides Realtors with extraordinary carpet cleaning, stain removal and odor removal services to assist in selling homes quicker.