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New Key Lending, understands that the largest asset on a family's balance sheet is their home. I have discovered many people mismanage the equity in their home. They have goals to try and pay off their home the smartest, quickest way possible, but may go about it the wrong way. Most people devote the largest portion of their incomes to housing. Consequently, how you handle the purchase or refinance of your home will have far-reaching implications on virtually every facet of your financial life, including your ability to save, pay for college and plan for retirement. I would highly recommend understanding these very concepts that Doug Andrews( Missed Fortune 101) and Ric Edelman( Oprah Winfrey's money manager) speak about.

We are truly passionate about our profession, and the result is that nearly 100% of our business is by referral from satisfied clients, trusted financial advisors and the most experienced realtors in Orange& Los Angeles County. And you can rest assured that you are entrusting your home financing with those who rank amongst the most highly qualified and ethical in the lending industry, as Bernie Germani has achieved the elite CMPS certification

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I am a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, which allows me incomparable referral-generating value that differentiates me from my competition, and takes me out of the commodity market that's so prevalent in our industry.

I help clients understand the direct relationship and impact their mortgage has on helping them acheive both their long and short term goals. I also educate clients on how to properly manage their homes equity to increase liquidity, safety and rate of return for a very nice retirement.

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