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Bev King has been providing Real Estate Virtual Assistance and Business Consulting to Real Estate Professionals since 1997. Bev started in Real Estate in 1981 as a Secretary in a small Real Estate and Property Management Firm. During a time where comps were looked up in MLS books that stood 4 to 6 inches thick and listing boards were displayed in the front window of the office, Bev computerized the small company and brought it into the new age of technology. In 1989 Bev obtained her Real Estate license and worked as a Realtor, an Appraisers Assistant and within a Property Management Firm that specialized in Retail and Commercial properties. In 1995, Bev moved from her hometown in Northern Michigan, to the big city and started work at a local real estate company. During her time there, Bev started to do more and more work out of her home office for herself as well as for others. She was a “Virtual Assistant” without even knowing it. Bev worked both outside and inside of her home for the next few years, and within that time span discovered that there was an actual profession called “Virtual Assistance” and it was exactly what she had been doing all along. Very early on in 2000, Bev joined the Staffcentrix and the IVAA. Bev became acquainted with the founding members of the Staffcentrix, Chris Durst and Michael Haaren, who in turn connected Bev with Michael Russer, a.k.a. Mr. Internet. A year later Bev became the Vice President of Marketing with the IVAA and shortly after that was a co-founder of the REVA Network. Bev has been the Pioneer of Real Estate Virtual Assistance and has in turned helped assist many other Virtual Assistants to become some of today’s industry leaders. You can reach Bev via email at, or visit her website at


Global Connection Virtual Office offers unique marketing solutions for Real Estate Professionals across the Globe.  Customized your Brand, customize your marketing and start getting leads today!


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