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Bill Parecki
RS, ABR, RDCPro, SFR, E-Pro, SRS, AHWD, Green
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Get to Know Bill Parecki

Positive Attitude. There is no such thing as a bad day for Bill Parecki.  That's because he's just one of those rare individuals with a heart of gold whose overflowing optimism is simply unparalleled.  Whether he's spending time with his friends and family, taking an active role in the community or making a positive impact on business, he never takes a single moment for granted.  As anyone who knows Bill can attest, his love of live and his unique ability to help others enjoy it to the fullest knows no bounds.

A Universal Philosophy, Bill credits much of his upbeat demeanor to the experiences he's had traveling to the furthers reaches of globe.  Although many of the remote villages he visited would be considered third world, the people Bill met in those areas were some of the happiest and most family-oriented he's ever met.  It reinforced Bill's belief that personal wealth isn't measured by one's material possessions. It's measured by one's outlook on life.  These memorable instances left a lasting impression on Bill and inspired him to make a difference in the lives of everyone he meets

Positivity Personified. And that exactly what he did.  After moving to Hawaii over 36 years ago and starting his own family, Bill wanted nothing more than for his children to receive the best possible education.  He and several other people took in upon themselves to start up the first accredited Waldorf School on the island as well as serve on its Board of Directors.  But he didn't stop there.  Bill has also served on the Board of Directors for Saint Joseph High School, Hilo Bay Clinic, Puna Community Medical Center and Community Associations.  For Bill, there are never enough hours in the day to give people a helping hand.

 A Dedicated Approach. It was an instinctive decision for Bill to take his can-do attitude a step further in business.  As one of the area's leading real estate agents, he approaches the needs of clients with a lever of commitment that's simply immeasurable.  For Bill this isn't just about giving his clients the information they need to maximize their investment.  It's about being there for them throughout the process and ensuring they receive the personalized attention and dedicated support they want and deserve.  It's a refreshing approach to business that's always been Bill's trademark.

Volumes of Success. Whether clients are looking to make a long distance purchase or sell their longtime residence quickly and efficiently, Bill works side by side with his clients to answer every question and take the guesswork out of the process.  He prides himself on being able to immerse himself in his clients' goals and develop a plan to make their dream come to fruition.  Combine that with over 36 years of local knowledge and genuine concern for you best inters and you'll quickly see that when you work with Bill, your move is over5flowing with success. 

Buying or selling a home can be a complex event so it makes sense to work with a professional whose upbeat attitude and natural optimism will help make it a rewarding experience.  With Bill Parecki you can expect nothing less.  That's because he's A Positive Force.


"I've always believed that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.  By taking a genuine interest in my clients' unique needs and lifestyle I can better understand what their looking for and how to help them achieve it"

I am a full service agent but above all the needs of my clients come first.  I am a Accredited Buyer's Agent, which means that I have taken the time and energy to further my education so that I can better service the needs of buyers. 

I specialize in Oceanfront and ocean view properties.  I have lived in the Kapoho area for over 36 years and know this area as well as anyone can.  In the District of Puna there are just a few areas where you can enter the ocean or swim all the time.  I know that this sounds strange but you must realize that the Island of Hawaii was the newest formed in the chain of islands and Puna is the newest area on the Big Island.  Much of this island is lava with a coast line that does not allow one to go swimming in.  You can always get in but getting out may be another matter.  There are only a few area that you can get into the ocean or water in Puna and those areas are


Kapooho Bay is located inside a gated community and is a wonderful bay which is great for snorkeling, kayaking and fishing. Champagne pond is one of the favorite spots for people to enjoy with its geo-thermal heated water. This is located on the northern side of the bay and is perfect for viewing the turtles or enjoying the sun


In 2003, the shoreline off of Kapoho Vacation Land was made into a marine sanctuary. Now called the Waiopae Tidepools Marine Life Conservation District, no fishing or spearing of any kind is allowed. This area is probable the finest snorkeling in all of Puna and is noted for its corral gardens.


This beach park is known to locals as Pohioki and is located at the edge of Pohoiki Bay.  Oceanfront park facilities include rest rooms and picnic areas. This is a year round swimming spot and there are areas you can swim in.  There is a boat launch ramp and a man made break water. If the weather and ocean conditions are calm, there is good snorkeling nearby.  There are shady trees and grassy areas surrounding this bay.  Facilities include restrooms, picnic tables, and a picnic pavilion here.


A pleasant grassy beach side park shaded by tall coconut palms, Ahalanui Beach park would be idyllic even without the added attraction of a natural volcanically-heated pool. A lifeguard is on duty most of the time during the day, but many visitors enjoy a night-time dip in this exotic little piece of island paradise surrounding by lush tropical foliage. The pool is separated from the sea by a man-made lava wall which has an opening to allow in ocean water and fish, which swim with you in the crystal clear waters. When the surf gets high, the ocean spray adds to the magic.

KEHENA BEACH (Dolphin Beach)

is located in the Puna district (Hilo side) off of Highway 137 near the 19 mile marker. This is a well shaded black sand beach protected by steep cliffs and tall trees. Swimming can often be hazardous due to rough current and high waves. It is a popular beach for local residents. It is noted for its spectacular black sand beach and as the name implies you can (when fortunate) swim with the dolphins.  It is a clothing optional beach. ,

Kapoho Beach Lots

Kapoho Vacationland, Waa Waa, Kapoho Papaya Farms, Kalapana Sea View Estates Puna Palisades, Kehena Estates are the subdivisions that are walking distance to these various locations.  There are areas that I know and specialize in.  Most of these areas are also located in what is locally known as the Kapoho sun belt.  It is one of those micro-climatic zones that the islands are famous for.  This particular climatic zone is noted for its spectacular sunshine and dryer climate than in surrounding areas.  Would you like to have bought into Laguna Beach 70 years ago.  Well opportunities like that exist in Puna today.  The fact that these areas are located in the sun zone and are easily accessible to the ocean makes them a dream come true.  Can you believe that there are ocean front lots for $299K.

There are two other areas that I specialize in and they are Hilo and Hamakua.  Hilo is a dream come true, a quaint little town of 60,000 people with all the amenities and spectacular view of the ocean and Hilo harbor.  My other area of expertise is the Hamakua Coast with its deep soil and spectacular ocean views.  Here you can feel like you are living in God's country, somewhat secluded with it's beautiful waterfalls and yet be minutes from Hilo town. Great surfing and rich verdant green tropical growth make this an area sought after.  Looking for a place to make you home than come to Hawaii and enjoy the good life.


Hawaii Business Magazine award for Most Transactions in State 2014 and 2015, 2016

Bank of Hawaii award for Top 100 Agents in State 2015-2016


50 year resident of Hawaii. Last year I was given Award for most transactions in State. Over 100 million in sales. Call 808-345-8818 and allow me to make your real estate experience a positive one.