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I've been around awhile and I've learned a thing or two. I launched my consulting practice in 1986, and here I am, all these years later, still learning how to market and sell new homes more effectively for my home builder and Realtor clients. I'm the real deal, and I've got credentials out the wazoo. They mean nothing unless I can use them to help you get what you want. My experience is that if I put you first, I will always get what I need.

If you need reassurance, I have an A.B. Degree in Economics (minor, Psychology) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (Go Heels!) I also have an M.B.A. in Marketing from the Kenan-Flagler Graduate School of Business at U.N.C.  I served four years at sea as a Naval Officer. I hold the Master In Residential Marketing designation from the Institute of Residential Marketing at the National Association of Home Builders. I am a past President of the Institute and have won it's Excellence in Education Award. I wrote two of the four core courses MIRM candidates are required to take: IRM 1 - Understanding Housing Markets and Consumers and IRM 4 - The Challenge of New Home Sales Management. I also wrote a best-selling book published by that you can find in print and on Kindle at SWEET SUCCESS In New Home SALES: Bill Webb, MIRM, on Selling Strong In Changing Markets. I am a Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker, a Master Scuba Diver, a long-time runner and an Amateur Extra ham radio operator with call sign K4ZIW. 

Feel better now? Let's get to work!    


I specialize in building market share and profit margin at the same time for my clients. It is absolutely possible to do this if you can mobilize the awesome power of marketing to convince consumers that they want a particular product badly enough to pay a premium for it. Impossible? Not at all. Consider Rolex watches, BMW automobiles, John Deere lawn tractors, Corona Beer and the most efficient brand in the world, Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The challenge in branding new homes in this way is that code-minimum, value-engineered new homes come awfully close to being a commodity - a product with no positive differentiation whatsoever. For true commodities, the only way to create a preference for one is to lower its price. There are good and valid reasons why this tendancy is at work everywhere for home builders. Within small limits, everybody in a particular market pays the same for land, the same for materials and the same for labor. Within any market area, there is a preference for architectural style and an expectation of what a new home at any price point should look like and deliver. You see how this works? Striving to cram in as much value as possible, thinking that will give them an advantage, builders drive their homes to be more and more similar to other builders' homes. The result? Consumers attack price to create a decision-making preference.   

Realtors, unskilled in marketing and selling new homes, make it worse by defaulting to what passes for marketing in the re-sale world, namely, lowering the price. Everybody loses in this scenario. The builder becomes angry, because the agent was disloyal. The agent leaves money on the floor. And, the broker loses precious company dollars, not to mention the promise of future builder business. Understand, please, "offer" is a forbidden word in new home sales. It's OK that it is, because with proper training in how to do this job right, the word "offer" is never needed. Whether builder or REALTOR, you'll make more money if I can help you do this job right. 



I am a nationally leading expert in new home marketing; positioning home builders and REALTORS throughout North America for success and training salespersons to sell new homes the way that works best.