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Birchwood provides a full range of credit reports and related products, including income verification, FICO, flood reports, TRV’s and fraud detection.

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Build your business and close more loans with Birchwood’s no-nonsense approach to “Delighting” our customers!Birchwood provides a full range of credit reports and related products, including income verification, FICO, flood reports, TRV’s and fraud detection. Click on these products, call 1-800-910-0015 or e-mail us at

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Trimerge Credit ReportIncludes all 3 repositories with scores in 10 seconds over the Internet. CLICK HERE FOR A SAMPLE CREDIT REPORT that explains in detail each section of the report (click on the noted areas).  One & Two Bureau Credit ReportsIncludes a single bureau in file report or any combination of repositories for a two bureau report, merged and duplicates removed. Fannie Mae DO/DU Credit ReportsApproved for use by Fannie Mae. Flood ReportsReports include Life-of–Loan and HMDA if requested. Convenient online ordering and delivery as well as competitive pricing. Tax Return Verification ReportsIt has been estimated that fraudulent tax returns are involved in 40% of applications associated with mortgage fraud. Birchwood’s TRV report gives fast and accurate retrieval of tax return information directly from IRS records.Instant Unmerge Credit ReportsCredit reports can be unmerged or merged, by borrower or co-borrower or you can unmerge one or two bureaus directly on line with the click of a button.  Fraud Detection ServiceSuperior fraud detection by issuing warnings on applications that contain potentially fraudulent data elements. This service helps determine potential fraud activity before it happens.   CreditXpert ProductsWant to know how to increase your customer’s credit score? With Birchwood’s CreditXpert product you will attract more customers and retain their business. CreditXpert allows you to boost sales and revenue with genuine profits by building customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty.    OFAC Checks for ReportsOFAC searches are necessary in order to comply with the U.S. Treasury Department’s requirements to block potential criminal access to their lending and credit granting resources. This is a free service provided upon request to Birchwood clients.   Business Credit ReportsDeveloped business reports are available when you need to check the business credit of another corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship, we have you covered!Identity Verification ProductsBy using Birchwood's Identity Verification Products you can immediately authenticate applicant's identities, conduct due diligence and comply with government regulators. Our Identity Verification Products eliminate manual inefficiencies while allowing you to quickly and easily authenticate identities on-line. Make real-time informed decisions and quickly assess risk and fraud potential by using Birchwood's varied Identity Verification Products. Call 800-910-0015 for more information.Birchwood's Identity Verification Products•Trace•TracePlus•IDSearchPlus•TotaLID•SocialSearch•DTECStreamline Credit ReportWhen you need a credit report containing only mortgage tradeline information. With a click of a button in the Birchwood System you will receive a completed credit report containing only mortgage tradeline information for those investors or product line requiring mortgage only reports.
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