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Real estate acquisition, Redevelopment, Consulting and resale of foreclosed, abandon and vacant homes 2011 COMPANY IS UNDER RECONSTRUCTION

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Our Corporate VisionTo open the doors of home ownership to residents of  Northeast     
Ohio by refurbishing existing home structures using quality and energy
efficient residential building materials.  Thus, revitalizing the core           
essence of our communities demonstrating that a real estate       
acquisition and development firm can thrive serving the residents of      
the intercity.

Our future is measured by exceeding the needs and expectation of our

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The mission of Paqui Group & Associates,LLC is to provide a higher standard of quality in residential properties acquired, refurbished and resold to increase minority home ownership in the Cleveland metro and suburban areas.  We believe by focusing on the details a diverse community demands,permits us to ascertain creative and flexible solutions that meet and exceeds the needs of our potential clients. Thus, enhancing the esthetic beauty of the communities we serve.  In order to make this a realty,we have out source skillful professionals in the area's of financing,creative design firms,marketing institutions,construction contractors as well as an experience team of sales and consulting staff.

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