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ZipRealty, Inc. has become one of the nation's leading real estate brokerages. We are setting new standards for buying and selling homes by using cutting edge technology, building teams of motivated, experienced professionals, and providing full service to our buyers and sellers. We offer Real Estate Agents like you the opportunity to work with bright and highly motivated people in a positive, high-energy environment. 



We have the #1 Broker Website Double the traffic of any other broker website  The website generates warm leads for our agents Leads from buyers and sellers who have requested to be contacted by an agent Helps agents close a more consistent number of transactions every month    Every agent receives 20-40 leads a month directly to their smart phone in real time We provide CRM software called ZAP (Zip Agent Platform) Helps agents stay organized                        Acts as a personal assistant Manages and farms your leads                  Monitors your client’s activity on the website Manages transactions Cloud based so you can manage everything from your laptop or smart phone We cover basic marketing expenses We build and maintain a website for you              We send out weekly emails and newsletters on your behalf We provide business cards, name badges, presentation materials, and signs We take care of all listings over $100k We hire professionals photographers to capture each house in the best light We install for-sale signs, lead in signs, and stash 100 flyers We advertise it heavily on our website, dozens of other local real estate websites, and the local newspaper for maximum exposure We offer unlimited training, coaching, and support Local District Directors and Brokers are on salary in support roles only Business coaches all over the country host webinars on a weekly basis  ZipUniversity - 24/7 Access Online We have 4 unique compensation plans, most of which have no fees Helps agents operate their business with minimal out of pocket expenses The most popular plans are progressive (the more you sell the higher your split) Unlimited access to our local offices at no charge Explore our website: www.ziprealty.com (#1 – Highest traffic broker website) APPLY HERE: http://www.ziprealtycareers.com/careers Call us today to discover how ZipRealty can help you take your business to the next level! Contact Information: Blake Williams District Staffing Manager ZipRealty, Inc. [Click Here to Email Your Resume] 919-838-7322 


I help real estate agents take their business to the next level by taking advantage of a partnership with ZipRealty.