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At Performance Coaching we help agents go from good to great in both their business and life. We have a very established and proven track record of success.

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The website is a virtual community for top performing real estate agents. The ultimate purpose of this website is to help individuals like you..... go from Good to Great!!

We do this by providing a highly interactive platform for agents to share and collaborate on different ways to increase their production. We believe in the power of the group dynamic. The site is filled with incredible people, ideas, strategies, scripts, and resources that can help you generate immediate and long term gains in your business. We believe social and business networking is one of the biggest ideas to ever hit the real estate industry. Any agent who does not become fluent in this process will be missing an incredible opportunity to make a quantum leap in their production..... TODAY!!

This website also serves as a powerful tool where you can both give and receive referrals to agents you know will perform. This means more dollars in your pocket during the course of the year!!

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Each person, as an individual, must develop his or her own individual formula for success. However, to be most successful, each individual's formula must based upon ever-present principles, or laws, that are real for everyone. The following Immutable Laws of Personal Achievement should be understood and applied by anyone who is trying to achieve their personal best:

1. You do what is most important to you.

2. You seek comfort over discomfort.

3. You adjust to the standards you set.

4. You become what you think about.

5. You are what you repeatedly do.

6. You get results based upon your actions.

7. You control how you react to what happens.

8. You decrease limitation as you increase awareness.

9. You have opportunity in every situation.

10. You decide the nature of your success.

In your real estate business we define "GREAT" in terms of selling a home or more each week. To help you achieve this goal we have designed a progam called the Deal-A-Week Production Dynamic. The Deal-A-Week Production Dynamic is a powerful and effective sales model for you to adopt that can cause your rate of production to explode to a new level-one deal a week, or better-and, in the process, dramatically upgrade the quality of your life. By specifically following the basic tenants of the Deal-a-Week Production Dynamic model of production, it is possible for any agent to produce sales at the rate of one deal a week, or more.

The tenants of the Deal-A-Week Production Dynamic include:

1. Make your career just this week.

2. Talk to lots of people.

3. Ask lots of questions.

4. Get to the truth.

5. Vend opportunity.

6. Apply the client profile.

7. Master your scripts and dialogues.

8. Stay in the hunt.

9.Delegate non-production related activities.

10. Stick to a schedule.

11. Measure and evaluate everything you do.

12. Focus on the process.

13. READI yourself for success.

14. Stay conscious of your "WHY".

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