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3773 Commonwealth Blvd

Tallahassee , FL 32311

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I help credit union members - and others - to realize their dreams - home ownership, new construction, or refinancing, conventional or government, in all 50 states. Competitive rates; caring service.

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CU Members means we aim to serve CREDIT UNION members, help them to realize their dream of home ownership, buying or building a home, or refinancing.  That's our aim, but we can serve anyone.  (We just might point out the benefits of credit union membership, along the way.)

A division of Colonial Savings, F.A., in Fort Worth , our company is stable (55+ years), family-owned, and SERVICE-oriented.

I have been helping folks realize their dream for more than 10 years, from our small-town office in Tallahassee.  My associates and I serve members (we avoid the word "customers") up and down the east coast of the country, and in all 50 states (many of the credit unions we serve have members all over the country!)  We have lots of experience in Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, DC, Pennsylvania, New York, Alabama, Texas, California, Washington, Oregon...and are growing into New England, as well as more of the southwest.

We are experienced in originating and servicing conventional, FHA, and VA mortgages.  We close our loans in the name of the Credit Union, whenever we can - which is a $$$ benefit to the members in Florida and Georgia, and the Credit Unions are exempt from the state "intangible tax". 

While my job is origination, my company has built its stability onits servicing portfolio.  We keep our loans.

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Because we have been a conservative company, avoiding the pitfalls of the industry (negative amortization, over reliance on reduced documentation, over indulgence in subprime lending...), we have the BEST of relationships with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  I'll not enumerate the awards and recognitions here - but we have them!

This means that we CAN help qualified borrowers, even in times when other lenders are "rolling up their sidewalks".  If it makes sense - we can do the loan.

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