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BONSAI is your full-service Inspection Company! Home and Commercial Property Inspection; Complete MOLD and Air Quality Test services; Oil Tank Certification; Now featuring Infrared Thermal Imaging!

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BONSAI Inspection Company is a full-service inspection and consulting company dedicated to serving Greater Boston and the South Shore.

BONSAI offers a unique and unmatched set of valuable services for prospective clients! Inspectional services by BONSAI offer an independent, unbiased review and report on a property's systems, components and condition. Consumers and Real Estate Professionals should expect no less than full professionalism, competence, credentials, knowledge, and courtesy.

My mission is to provide customers with the personalized attention and necessary knowledge and support needed to make an informed decision.

Being an inspector is no longer just having a truck, a ladder, and some construction background. Educational background, experience, and a strong determination to stay ahead of the information curve are what set a great inspector apart from an average one in this rapidly developing industry.

My unique educational background and previous employment sets me apart from most inspectors. It allows me to evaluate properties and systems from both a scientific and engineering standpoint.

Previous to entering the world of building inspection, I spent 8+ years working in high-tech, where I developed skills in scientific analysis, systems design, thermodynamics, and heat transfer, and my exceptional abilities in verbal communications and formal report writing.

I have performed over 4,400 building inspections since 2000. As the owner of BONSAI, I continue to invest time and effort on a daily basis developing more skills and more services to help provide the best quality service I can.

I carry state-of-the-art, high-tech equipment with me on every inspection, including a non-contact moisture detector, carbon monoxide analyzer, combustible gas detector, thermal anemometer, draft gauge, hygrometer, and a variety of other meters and sensors, and a FLIR B-CAM. This equipment helps me help customers get the most information!

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Why consider BONSAI Inspection Company?


10+ years of full-time experience: This is what I do for work every day - I keep in tune with industry standards and technology. All Inspections done by ME:  I represent my business name and image to both you and the client. If I look bad, I look bad to everyone. 7-days per week availability: I always answer my phone, even after the job is completed. 9 times out of 10 I can usually schedule within 2 days of call. Clear, concise, and easy to understand reports provided on-site:  I don't just recommend contractors - I recommend actions. I get to the bottom of things, and will spend whatever amount of time it takes to answer client's questions. Thorough, detailed, and unbiased evaluation of property explained in non-alarmist fashion: I believe this is all about the delivery. I am not out to scare buyers or work them for 2-3 inspections. I leave the client feeling good and feeling educated. Exceed State Standards: I am not afraid to go the extra mile - I test kitchen appliances, doorbells, ceiling fans, Jacuzzi tubs, steam units, etc. More information for the client means less hassles or stresses for the Seller. Buyer provided with Mass State Standards, Mass Definitions file, Mass "Eleven Questions for Buyers": These are required by Mass State Law - by providing them, I reduce your potential liability. NARREP Sponsored Insurance: My insurance policy is extended to referring Buyer Agents! Not a "Cut and Run": I follow-up with clients by email, I follow up on Radon results, and I answer my phone. I am available to clients and you for the duration. I do not grab the check and disappear. The highest compliment I can receive is a referral! FULL- SERVICE company: I offer a full-range of affordable services designed to help the client and you. The more information they receive and more potential worries that are eliminated, the better they feel. Elimination of issues means reduced liability.


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