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For the very first time, the moving customer has representation in the moving process! 

Working with Luxury Home Owners and Seniors that are moving, we coordinate every aspect of their moves.  There is NOBODY else doing this!  We assemble the bids, coordinate all vendors and then are there on pack day, load day, moving day and delivery day, making sure that every aspect of the move goes perfectly. 

As of July 2, 2008, we now also offer a comprehensive review of moving estimates to anyone that is moving.  For a small flat fee, we can consult with homeowners anywhere in the country, assess their moving needs then review moving estimates they have gathered independently.  We will make sure estimates are as accurate as possible and that all particular moving needs of the customer have been addressed.  We will also help determine the mover best positioned to assit the customer with their relocation needs.  Please call for more details!

We are NOT paid by the movers, we are paid by the client and therefore represent them and their interests in the moving process.  We save the customer time, we save the customer stress and most importantly - our knowledge of moving ultimately saves money! 

Having over 12 years in the moving and storage business; first as the Sales Manager for the largest moving company in Arizona and then the Chief Sales Officer for the Second largest Mayflower Transit agent in the United States, Harry Lakin, owner of Boutique Moving knows just what the discriminating homeowner wants and more importantly NEEDS in the moving process.  Harry is uniquely able to bring together every moving related component and take the stress of moving off the home owners plate.


Boutique Moving brings together every conceivable need in the moving process and then manages the move for the homeowner - all for a reasonable fee.

Working with two distinct groups; Luxury Home Owners and Seniors, we take the burden of moving off our clients shoulders and assume the role of project manager for their moves.  We make sure the movers do what they are paid to do.  We make sure estimates are both legitimate and reasonable.  We know which movers to use and more importantly which movers to avoid.  We are experts in Interstate, State Wide and Local moving.  We also are trained in International Relocation.


Relocation consultant to the luxury home and senior markets. We manage every aspect of the moving process on behalf our our clients! Regardless of where you are moving to or from, we can help! Call!