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Greetings everyone, my name is George Piccot, owner of the Bathtub Refinishers Forum. I have been in the restoration industry since 1989 when I started out refinishing mexican paver tile. As some of you real estate guys and gals know, mexican paver restoration is a very unique specialized trade. The company I worked for was Seal Systems out of Coto De Caza, CA. Seal Systems had a sister company at the time called Regrout Systems and when things were slow on the paver side of business, I worked on the regrouting side of business. Regrouting as you know is very meticulous and detailed work. I have always had a knack with detail so I easily mastered both of these trades to the point that I can honestly say I am a master craftsman.

In 1998, I finally decided to start my own business Regrout Pros which specialized in regrouting, grout recoloring and grout cleaning and sealing. One day a customer asked me if I refinish tubs or knew anyone who did and I had to respectfully decline. More and more clients started asking me about bathtub refinishing so, I started to investigate the trade to learn more. One thing I had found at the time was a lot nothing about how to refinish tubs until I met a professional refinisher doing a tub in an apartment complex that I was doing a regrout job on. He showed the light and again, with my meticulous attention to detail, I quickly picked it up. I then added this to my services and called myself Piccot Refinishing.

As I said earlier, in the early stages of bathtub refinishing, I found nothing to help me. So, in late 2008 I started the Bathtub Refinishers Forum as a project to educate consumers and refinishers alike and give them a common ground to stand on.


The Bathtub Refinishers Forum is very unique in manner. Consumers can browse the Find-A-Refinisher page to find a pre-screened professional bathtub refinisher in their area or, if they have a technical question they can sign up at the Bathtub Refinishers Forum to ask them for free.

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