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When you need it done right and done right now!
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"When you need it DONE RIGHT... and done RIGHT NOW!"

In ten years Bristol has become one of the Nation’s top Real Estate renovation and remodel organizations. Our clients are the top investor groups and property management companies in America.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of construction related services and performance in the Real Estate industry.

 The simple fact is; if you are a Realtor representing buyers or sellers of residential property in today's market, you need a professional level contractor on your team that understands your business and the needs of your clients.  

What’s in a Name?

For over 400 hundred years, the term “Bristol” has been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship.  Beginning in the 1600's, skilled artisans in the English port of Bristol, built the world's most revered sailing vessels.                         

They were known for their superior quality, function, and longevity.  It wasn’t long before investors trusted and hired Bristol ships more than any other, to carry their cargo safely to and from the many “ports of call”.   Shortly thereafter ship's captains from across Europe brought their own vessel to the Bristol shipyards to be outfitted or rebuilt, guaranteeing a much higher rate of success                                 

"Bristol fashion" and later “Bristol Condition” became the gold standard for any vessel that was restored to a “better than new” condition by Bristol shipyards. That moniker meant the precious cargos held within a ships hold had a much better chance of reaching its intended destination.   Insurers like Lloyds of London soon began offering reduced rates for "Bristol Condition" vessels.   The term “Bristol” is still used today to describe the condition of vessels of any type that have been returned to new or pristine condition. 

Our company founders, committed to that same level of quality, function, and longevity adopted the name and the principles, Bristol ship builders became famous for. 

            Bristol Builders and later the “Bristol Companies”, were conceived based on the ideology of providing our customers the best in quality, service, longevity, and performance.  From the strict adherence to this belief, “Certified Bristol Condition” was born.                              

             The simple principles of honesty, integrity, and character, seemingly lost in the modern world of profit at all cost, are not forgotten at the Bristol Companies. They are applied on each and every job or task you entrust us to perform on your behalf.  The application of thoroughness in every project we take on, the quality of work throughout the process, and the understanding that people do make mistakes, and how they are rectified means as much as the finished project itself.                                                     

             To Bristol, the vision of a job well done is more than only what the eyes can see.  We believe that what you don't see is equally important.  We also believe that long after the job is done, our customers will understand the meaning of “Bristol Condition” and the value of the products and services we offer.                                                

            We invite you to take a close look at the people that make our company what it is today and the many services offered by the Bristol Companies. 


The Bristol Companies; “Code of Ethics”


The Bristol Companies were founded on the basic core values of Honesty, Integrity, and Character in all things.  Each are offered in the performance of service to all our clients regardless of the scope of work provided.

Our goal to provide the highest level of satisfaction for every dollar spent is at the forefront of all business conducted by each member of our family of companies.

Whether a simple repair, an in-depth rehabilitation, or a complete remodel, Bristol guarantees every customer will be treated with the same level of respect and performance, throughout the course of action associated with doing business with any of our companies, employees, or subcontractors.                        

We believe by doing so, all our clients, past, present, and future, will value our company, as well as the people who make Bristol their home and the core values we profess.

In any endeavor, a company is only as good as the people and systems in place that help provide the products and services offered. The people at Bristol are constantly striving to improve every aspect of our company so that our customers can receive the very best we can offer.  We welcome you to scrutinize our operations to better understand the people and systems in place to better serve you, our customer.

                        -S.G.  “Jerry” Bronstrup, CEO/RMO- The Bristol Companies


For more information Visit www.BristolService.com  or give us a call at:  866.775.8169








CSLB 878868

Mold Certified

Lead Certified

Foundation Repair Certified

Structural Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering





What We Do...

New homeowner upgrade & remodeling Specialists

Investor Remodels

Bristol Restoration provides complete remodel services for the HGTV Show “Flip or Flop” team of Tarek and Christina.

Invitation Homes Approved Contractor

Freddie Mac Approved Contractor

Wells Fargo, (PAS) mold and water restoration certified

“White-Box” Renovation Specialists

FHA 203k Remodel Specialist

Approved Veterans Administration SAH and HISA Contractor

Structural Analysis and Repair

Foundation Repair

Room additions to Complete design and build projects

Illegal Structure repair and approvals


M. Pardue - Coldwell Banker
"... Bristol Service understands the sensitivity of timelines/deadlines. They have been exceptional to work with, professional and pay great attention to detail."
K. Lee - Realty Executives
"... They handle hazards and remediation and are my go-to source for dealing with serious issues in the most cost-effective, practical, and complete manner. They even have creative financing solutions for upgrades and remodels."
R. Sampson - Home Owner
"... The gang at Bristol Service is not your everyday contractor, they show up on time, they are professional, licensed, insured and don't have 'excuses' they just get the job done and do great work to top it off..."

Bristol Restoration is one of the premiere rehab and remodel contractors in America for the top investor and property mgnt companies. We also are a preferred VA ADA Contractor.