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Hi my name is Jenn Horner. I am a new mortgage broker. Fresh and eager to meet everyone and get insight into this exciting world of Real Estate. I have focussed my training on the harder to fit mortgages. Like self-employed, new to Canada, commissions based employment. Currently I am working with clients from Hope to North Vancouver. From the training I have done I am excited to start looking into working with clients on the Investment side of Real Estate. People have so many financing options I don't even think most people are aware of whats available to them. The terms ranging from 6 months to 10 years. The amortization to 40 years now. When I made this career move I was very nervous at first, the fear of the unknown. Now I haven't looked back. I get to take new courses, interesting seminars I am constantly up-grading my skills, to serve my clients better. I feel after my first meeting with a client they already feel more educated, and better prepared to join in this process. I start by educating clients on the BEST solution to their current options. Looking to start offering First Time Home Buyer Seminars, and Live Well Seminars. I have always felt strongly about excellent client service, and now I AM providing it.  I do not believe in hidden gimmicks, or sales pitches. I will give you honest advice, with educated experience, to offer the best lifetime mortgage and overall comfort.


I LOVE the hard mortgages, tough to fit. I enjoy working!! I have done most of my training towards Self-Employed, new to Canada, and Bad credit. I don't judge , I find options, and solutions to clients needs. With all the banks, credit unions, and private lenders out there competing for your business we can make it work. Alot of people don't believe they can get a mortgage, TRY. Contact me and we will work out a solution in your best interest. I do all the work, find the best rates from over 30 lenders, while you relax. I always keep clients up-to-date no waiting or wondering. Best of all I'm paid by the lender.

 Money problems how about a re-finance to pay off high interest credit card debts.  

Thinking of opening a small business, finance the make the money to make your dreams a reality.

Buyers are looking at new homes and don't realize they should of already contacted me to get a Pre-Approval so they know, how much to spend. Don't leave the stress till the end , KNOW now and be better informed to make life decisions.

I enjoy working to find lending solutions for vacation homes, revenue producing properties, out of time getaways.

Call me and find solutions!!


Always improving and growing I am a mortgage broker with your best interest at heart. Any type of mortgage Anytime. Call me I will work for you and get you the best rates. Fast, Easy, Free!!!!