Nathan Claire (Buying Jax Homes)

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Get to know Nathan Claire

I enjoy learning about real estate, going to the gym, and spending time outside. I have been passionate about real estate for many years. Recently moving to Florida from Rhode Island, I started to invest here in Jacksonville. I founded Buying Jax Homes to give people an easy way to get money for their property without any hassles or headaches, all while being able to follow my dream of being a house flipper.

I love repairing homes and turning them new. It’s a lot of work, yet it’s a lot of fun as well. It’s nice to see the final product that my team and I can put together.

I also have a passion for helping others. Whether it’s buying someones home or finding a great place for someone to live, it brings me joy to know that I am impacting the lives of others in a positive way and giving them the solutions to their situations.


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