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Melanie McLister is an professional Mortgage Planner with Canada's Online Mortgage Broker:

Get to know Melanie McLister

Welcome.  My name is Melanie McLister.  I am a professional online Mortgage Planner that works a little harder, and a little differently.

What makes a good mortgage planner different?  Ask them.

How many lenders do you shop?  Mortgage brokers often rely on their "preferred" lenders.  That doesn't always serve your interests.  Instead, I use the latest database technology and screen 500+ Canadian mortgages until I find one that achieves your exact goals.  If choosing a non-preferred lender means I get paid less, it doesn't matter.  I am your advocate, and I take that seriously. How, and how often, do you keep up on new mortgage products?  As the co-founder at, Canada's mortgage news source, I study new mortgage products and rate changes daily.  As a result, I'm uniquely able to recommend the latest mortgage products, the best current rate promotions, and the most advantageous terms. What is your response policy?  I respect your time like it's my own.  My official policy is to return emails and phone calls in less than 4 business hours.  But you'll often find it's far less than that.  In addition, whenever possible, your application is approved the very same day.  I also work nights and weekends. How do you make my mortgage process convenient?  I specialize in virtually effortless online mortgages for time conscious professionals.  You never have to fight traffic, never need to wait at an office, and never need to sign documents with me in person.  I can even complete your application over the phone. Are you a mortgage agent or a mortgage planner?  A mortgage planner cares about your long-term goals, not just funding your current needs.  As my client, you'll save thousands with customized strategies designed to get your mortgage balance to $0 sooner.  My mission with you isn't over until you are mortgage-free. What unique value-added services do you provide?  My clients receive access to our own exclusive brand of intelliMortgage mortgages--with terms available only to us, RefiAlertsTM (automatic alerts on when to refinance and renew), lifetime mortgage planning (ongoing interest-saving strategies), and home warranties--depending on the mortgage you choose.  Best of all, my highly specialized services are complimentary because lenders compensate for my time.

To put it briefly, clients choose me because I'm obsessed with satisfying them.  I always try to make things fun and educational, but that doesn't prevent me from doing whatever it takes to get my clients the best available terms.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

Melanie R. McLister
Toll-free Direct:  1-800-280-2460

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