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my office is located adjacent(South) of Main Street across from Suntrust.

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I've been in the real estate business for 10 years and I can honestly say that I'm in it for long haul.  Prior to real estate I was a banker, a retail manager, a chemical transportation specailist, and a college student.   

I consider it a priveledge to be an integral part of what for most of us is the most important financial transaction of our lives; the buying or the selling of our homes.  Every market cycle presents opportunities for buyer and seller alike, yet these opportunities are not always so obvious.  We've all heard stories of people finding that hidden gem in a sea of cookie cutter homes, or maybe that elusive great deal that's priced to sell.  These are the situations that I strive to find for the buyers that I work with.  And quite often, they're found outside of what the real estate marketplace is currently offering.  When finding your dream home I'll look beyond your present needs and desires to seek out a property that is also a true investment. And it's this dedication to my clients that has made them clients for life, and kept a steady stream of referral business coming.   

If you're considering selling, then rest assured that my promotional strategy goes beyond the cutting edge technology that Coldwell Banker employs.  In order to effectively sell a home during any market cycle, it's important first a foremost to recognize that the real estate market is nothing more then a commodity market in disguise.  The most successful real estate professionals, whether they realize it or not, are continually applying fundamental commodity market principles to drive their businesses.  And it is these same principles, my social networking contacts, and Coldwell Banker's unparalleled market exposure that will get your home sold quickly and at top market price.




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For many in my line of work, the business quite frequently takes us on a road somewhat different then where we originally intended to go.  Yet, the titans of my industry tend to stay on a focused and targeted career path.  It is on the shoulders of these mentors that I stand.  From day one, I sought to market and sell high end homes.  But what credibility could I possibly have as a brand new agent.  I had to pay my dues.  So I found a neighborhood that I wanted to specialize in, I walked door-to-door and met as many people as I possibly could in that neighborhood.  It took more then a year before I was granted the opportunity to market a home.  It was a house that sat unsold on the market for seven months.  I worked the property and successfully sold it in 28 days.  Could have been a fluke I guess, but I didn't care.  I quickly acquired a second listing and worked it just as hard.  I was going to be #1 somewhere if it killed me.  Well that was about four years ago and I'm proud to say that it's all worked out.  This is not to imply that I don't face the same challenges that the rest of my colleagues do, yet I've found that opportunities exist in any market cycle.  Yet it takes persistence and perseverance to create your own success.

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