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I am originally from Connecticut however I've lived in Houston for the last 18 years. Single father with a 9 year old daughter.

I have to be honest, I'm not some real estate guru with a bunch of alpha bet organizations listed on my business card or anything. ActiveRain is growing by leaps and bounds with enough people who have got that covered. I am, however, someone who will provide excellent content mainly in the realm of motivation and inspiration and if I can build a network of friends with business relationships, all the better. I look forward to building a family of people who genuinely have a passion for this incredible industry and like all families, a little disfucntionality makes it the perfect mix! :) We are REAL people with REAL lives after all... With that said let me tell you what I "DO".

The type of business I am in is extremely rewarding! I get to work with real estate professionals who help families bring the American Dream to fruition.

I show people how to save $1000's of dollars on their home mortgage, compensate real estate pros handsomely for reffering me and am able to make a living doing what I enjoy, EVERYONE WINS (as it should be)!



 I offer a biweekly mortgage program... Bi-weekly mortgage programs are very similar to a treadmill... We all know what it is but if it is not being utilized that "treadmill" becomes a close rack! The same pertains to bi-weekly mortgages.

If your not suggesting that your clients are on one they are paying roughly $60k in additional interest for a $150k home that they really dont have to! (We usually suggest investing those savings in good growth stock mutual funds.) I deal with quite a few realtors locally and on average they earn an extra $1100 to $1500/mo. take that multiplied by 12 months and that can put you in a new TAX BRACKET!

 Most skeptics would say "why would I pay someone when I can just pay every 2 weeks" Well because simply, PEOPLE DON"T! That is the very reason people pay to have a financial advisor as opposed to sticking 15% of your paycheck under your mattress and calling it your "Nest Egg"! I am looking for quality people to build relationships with  that are interested in showing their clients how to save and at the same time be able to earn additional income. I have a small practice and the benefit to you and your clients is that personalized service is standard. I look forward to building professional friendships with this network. 




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