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Baltimore , Md 21202

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Creative Real Estate Investor, Property Management, Tenant Placement, Real Estate Educator, Mentor, Consultant.

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YPPM Investments was founded by Charles Blair  - Real Estate entrepreneur Charles have been successfully investing in Real Estate for more than fifteen years. Buying, selling and rehabbing well over 300 properties, and hosting a weekly radio show on real estate investing on 88.9 fm and 1010 am in Baltimore.     YPPM has pioneered a unique and innovative set of approaches to Real Estate success, and applies them to their two core business units - property management and Real Estate education. These business units are backed and supplemented by the Investment division, upon which the experience and success of the entire YPPM enterprise is drawn.     Existing to help the forward-thinking Real Estate professionals of today and tomorrow, YPPM is committed to distinguishing its brand through a commitment to excellence and a tangible, proven track record of success.     So whether you already own properties that need to be managed cost-effectively, or whether you're looking to Real Estate as a potential new career, or whether you're already a savvy Realtor looking for that extra edge - YPPM will help you unlock the secrets of modern Real Estate.

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