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We aimed to solve the 48 reasons why businesses fail. We did that. Companies are achieving results they never expected! We also did something better, we created a family.

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Last night, 2 of my Small Business USA members were in my hometown and invited me to join them to meet for the first time.  (really!) They'd both been members for over 2 years and I had only met them virtually. (We're in 25+ states so this is not abnormal.) 

I'm blessed to have had this happen many times over this past summer! For me, our members are like family. Being given the opportunity to interrupt their vacation is a gift. I share it because it also represents what I stand for.

Next month Small Business USA will officially launch NetworkAndGolf ( to the world. There is no better a time to remind myself and the world why I do what I do! 

Two things my members said to me last night bear repeating. These 2 compliments mean more to me than that I did a great job, they truly stand for who I am and what I believe in:

1. " Colleen, you feel like a member of our family."

I hope so because every member feels like family to me. Our tagline, " Business owners are no longer alone" doesn't say enough. Business ownership is lonely. Sales can be lonely. This is what I love about Activerain and Small Business USA- it's a community that truly operates as a community. This is also what I hope to create with NetworkAndGolf.

2. "Colleen, you have changed our life. We now 'have a life' and the money to live our lives better."

As they went on about how much stronger and profitable their businesses were, all I could think is that there is no happier moment in life than when you can make someone's life better. That's what SBUSA is about, and that is what NetworkAndGolf will be about, and I hope everyone who knows me knows that is what I am also about.

Thank you for joining in this journey with me.

With love and gratitude,

Colleen Ferrary



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