Claudio Gormaz (Platinum Home Mortgage)
NMLS ID #241122

27290 Madison Avenue

Suite 104

Temecula , CA 92590

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The primary focus of my business deals with the needs of First Time Homebuyers! I work extensively with down payment assistance programs to help families buy their first home!

Get to know Claudio Gormaz

I am a mortgage lender that has dedicated his career working exclusively with First Time Home Buyers and people re-entering the home buying market.  I provide my clients with a wide range of information regarding what they will need to buy your first/next home.

  Whether the buyers are purchasing their first/next home in Los Angeles, San Diego, Temecula, Riverside, or San Bernardino, we are actively committed to providing our buyers with as much information about down payment assistance options as needed and wanted!   I began my career with Countrywide Home Loans.  In short order I headed up the Spanish Speaking division of the Countrywide/KB venture.  Working in the builder world gave me an appreciation for the need to provide clients with the necessary time to explain the process of the transaction, and to share with them all the available buying options.     Especially in today's market, the first time buyer has many questions.  When you decide to work with this group, you must be committed to providing clients with as much knowledge as possible, because financing becomes the most important part of the transaction!   My experience has shown that not all mortgage lenders are built the same!     For example, many banks are certified to provide home down payment assistance programs, but all of these programs require an expertise in the particular guidelines for each product.  They require a firm knowledge of the nuances of each type of product, and how the down payment assistance will work for each client.  Further, because of the unique knowledge required for these programs, many mortgage lenders back away from these programs all together, because they find them too difficult to do.   Finally, when you decide to buy your first home, or you are returning to home ownership, you want to be helped by someone (and the mortgage company they represent) that provides and underwrites these programs on a regular basis --- not a lender that will provide this down payment assistance one or twice per year!  Think of it this way:          Let's say that you need brain surgery, and you meet a brilliant young doctor, who has worked wonders on cadavers, but the doctor      has never worked on live people.  If it's your brain, wouldn't you prefer to work with someone who has a lot of experience with      live people!