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I work with home owners and investors all over the country who are interested in selling or purchasing real estate quickly via our Temporary Owner Financing Program. (Home Sellers Assist Program)

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Our core values and the reason this Service: Home Sellers Assist was created. We pride ourselves with being active and resourceful in developing proactive marketing strategies and resources for home owners, buyers and investors across the country. Where there is a need, we are there, generous with our skills, tapping our collective creativity to provide sound fundamental information and solutions.

 We are committed to understanding our client's need to generate the potential for the most profitable and timely end result. We believe honest communication, the sharing of specialized knowledge and respect go far in creating long term trusting relationships.

 There is a world of information on my personal blog and our company site Both sites are designed to assist and educate the reader with unique services that will help you avoid costly mistakes, recognize opportunities and gain the knowledge you need which will empower you to take positive action and achieve your goals in the real estate market and minimize your risk.

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Calvin Hayden is a real estate investor and purchaser of seller-financed real estate notes and other types of privately held cash flow assets. He can assist individuals and companies in turning privately held paper assets into cash.

Mr. Hayden can assist other professionals (i.e. Attorneys, Cpa, Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers, Investors) with helping their clients realize quick sales of  properties through the use of seller-financed notes that can be liquidated for cash shortly after the close of escrow, or by purchasing existing notes to achieve cash liquidity for clients.

With Mr. Hayden's assistance and resources, sellers, buyers and professional advisors have been able to conclude the purchase or sale of real estate and/or other properties through the use of seller-financing. Mr. Hayden's note purchasing techniques have also provided many notes holders with the ability to achieve other objectives such as: resolving estate distributions, divorce settlements, partnership dissolutions, real estate exchanges and similar situations where the conversion of private paper assets to cash might be required.

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Mr. Hayden is available to assist you with the purchase of real estate notes or other privately held cash flows held by your clients. He can be reached at 480-837-3387, via e-mail at or visit his website at

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