Cole M. Boling (Keller Williams Legacy Partners, Inc.)

3025 NE Kansa Trail

Topeka , KS 66617

I am the leading tech savvy agent in Topeka. I specialize in New Construction building and re-sale. I also specialize in investment properties!

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In the world of Real State and Building new homes, I am your One-Stop-Shop Real Estate Agent in Topeka, Kansas.  I have everything you need at your fingertips.  With these recourses at my fingertips, I am able to provide my clients with service that is beyond the realm of your typical real estate agent!  Every agent is different and every agent has a different approach to this business.  I am no exception, with my ability to help teach, train, sell and listen to agents, clients and builders, I really do provide a service that is unmatched by anyone in the industry.


I am a native to the technology age; I was born around the time people were starting to talk about this thing called a computer.  I have watched the World Wide Web get it’s start all the way to holding the brand new Iphone 4s in my hand and talking to Siri to plan my day.  The world is changing every day and I do my best to keep up and learn new things on a regular basis.


I am a passionate about learning, I want to always know that I don't know it all... iI Love the quote by Albert Einstein "I am not perfect at anything, I am just continuously curious"

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I specialize in helping people Buy, Sell and Invest in Real Estate.  Early in my life, I grew up with my father building and remodeling houses for a living, I took that expertise and turned it into a professional business of Marketing and selling new construction.  With times shifting, I have grown to master a new area of expertise with investment properties.  With striving continuously to learn more about investments, I can tell you that I get a higher rate of return on your money than any Wall Street investment can!


First time homebuyers are a specialty of mine as well.  This is an area where my teaching and training really comes in handy.  I love to be able to help First time homebuyers get the information that they need to help them make the best decision with the biggest purchase of their life!




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