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Whether it’s to make more sales, get new customers, retain customers, build a brand, boost business or reward loyalty; more merchants are adopting mobile marketing strategies to tap into the cellphone’s power of immediacy. BOOSTCONTACT Text Message Marketing service is NOT associated with or connected to your cellphone or billing in any way. It works like this: Customers & prospects text your keyword… (There is no cost to them or you) They instantly get your pre-set "auto reply" text message back… (Example: "50% off sale Tuesday only!") You can send messages to all of your subscribers anytime you choose… (Example: Boost sales on slow days by sending out a text promo. It works like mad!) You get unlimited number of subscribers, unlimited text marketing messages,ZERO EXTRA COSTS!


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As cell phones become appendages that many people can't live without, businesses are increasingly eyeing them as prime real estate for their marketing and advertising messages. Get New Customers Quickly Make More Sales Substantially Increase Word-of-Mouth Boost Business During Slow Periods Boost Customer Retention Text messaging remains the fastest growing form of communication, with over 4 million text messages sent every day in the United States. All phones, not just smart phones, can receive SMS test messages. Doesn't your organization want to reach everyone, everywhere, on every phone? 87% of the U.S. population own cellphones 94% of text messages are read in 4 minutes 80% of all consumers keep their mobile on them all day The Perfect Marketing Tool For Your Business