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20 hour Commercial R.E. Course "Conceptualizing Commercial Real Estate". Utilize your former clients to generate commissions from the sale of commercial real estate so you earn more money annually.

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Don't be Shy? O.k. My last real estate deal generated cash flow of $200,000 per year for the next 32 years. Another one that Arbitrage has in escrow as a result of my ability to see what others may not be seeing could generate between $20,000,000 and $40,000,000 by simply rezoning the property which should be a slam dunk.

Michael Levin's qualifications to teach "Conceptualizing Commercial Real Estate: 1974-1979: Michael, while residing in Los Angeles, partnered with George Smith founder of George Smith Partners. (http://www.gspartners.com/), and also converted over 1,000 apartment units to condominiums in Brentwood, California.  1979-2003: Michael, while residing primarily in Phoenix and participating in other business investments, developed over 500,000 square feet of commercial property in Phoenix and Los Angeles.2004-2007: Michael, on behalf of Arbitrage U.S.A. LLC, worked on pre-development phases of student housing with American Campus Communities for Arizona State University's downtown campus.  Arbitrage eventually merged its interests with Capstone on-campus housing, the developer of the 1374 bed student housing facility currently under development in downtown Phoenix.2007-Present:  Michael, on behalf of Arbitrage U.S.A. LLC, identified a grossly undervalued major commercial property located in downtown Phoenix.  He continues to work on due diligence and other issues to finalize the purchase of that property.   Officially, Michael has retired as Vice President of acquisition and development of Arbitrage U.S.A. LLC. As he approaches 65 years, now is the time Michael has chosen to share his knowledge, talent and ability with residential realtors so they too can prosper not only from selling homes, but also from selling commercial real estate.              Your former clients, who purchased homes from you and your associates, invest in commercial real estate too! 

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