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Common Cents Services is a specialty service company that provides CL 100's (termite letters). Corrective work is not done to homes which are inspected.

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I moved to Greenville when I was transferred from Columbia SC in 1995. My wife and I have two grown children. My degree is in Ecomomics and Accounting. I was in the financial field for many years which  I never did enjoy and took some time off  to find something that I would enjoy. I discovered that I really enjoyed doing the CL 100's when I entered the pest service industry. When I was able to have my own license Common Cents Services began.

This particular inspection is a small part on the way to a real estate closing but it is very important to the buyer and lender. What I believe makes my service different from many others is that Common Cents does not do any work to homes that are inspected. I wanted to provide a totally unbiased report without  any conflicts of interest. This I  belived would provide peace of mind to the parties involved since the only thing in it for my company is to inspect.

Since I specialize in CL 100's scheduling is much easier and quicker to set up. To take advantage of technology the reports, graphs and photos are emailed to the agents, buyers etc in a pdf file with a valid signature. When there is a rush the reports can be printed on site. Prompt scheduling, Prompt delivery, easy to understand reports, and dedication to this area provide an advantage to our clients.


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