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Dear Friends,

Thank you for your time and interest in an investment with Precise Associates.  Today we are presenting a generational opportunity for investment in United States real estate.  Due to the overwhelming amount of foreclosures throughout the US, it is actually possible to acquire single-family homes (with tenants paying you rent) at 75% discounts of 2005 values.  Our strategy is simple:

1) We strategically acquire discounted assets in large volumes in stable US neighborhoods and cities.

2) We rehab the assets to meet local code requirements and make the homes desirable for renters and homeowners to live in.

3) A property manager stabilizes the asset with a tenant that pays rent on a monthly basis.

Our result: we create the opportunity for our investor network to own stable and appreciating investment properties that can generate profits not typically seen in average real estate markets.

This opportunity to purchase "turnkey" real estate is brought to you by Precise Associates.  My partner and I began our careers in market-rate real estate development, sales, and finance.  We both understand the potential for profit in the single-family real estate market.  We began investing our own money in real estate in 2003, all the while owning successful real estate and finance companies.  In 2007, we made the decision to divest from our market rate businesses (removing our capital from a soon to be depreciating market) to work exclusively in the distressed real estate market. 

For the past three years we have developed hundreds of single-family homes.  Some of these homes have been sold to home-owners, some to investors, and others we have chosen to own ourselves for the long term.  We stand behind our data, our experience, and we feel that we perform the deepest level of due diligence on our key markets and strategies.  Developing and owning such volumes of real estate has also provided the opportunity for us to cultivate the absolute key for success in this industry:  proper and effective due-diligence.   By properly investing in our own infrastructure through technology and custom software, we have created efficiencies that allow our investor network to purchase real estate at a quick and efficient pace.  And by investing in a nationwide infrastructure and learning from our own previous mistakes, we prevent our investor network from falling into the same challenges we may have faced in previous real estate transactions.

Many of our competitors may try to sell you literature, more seminars, and randomly selected properties that they have no real insight into.  They may ask for your money upfront to buy the foreclosed property and then ask for more money to rehab it on your behalf.  We do none of this.  Our product is a turnkey real estate investment property.  We only purchase properties in strategic markets where we have established an infrastructure, and personally purchased and sold our own properties.  In other words: "we put our money where our mouth is".  We use our own capital to buy and renovate all of our homes in inventory.  We believe in our product enough that if we don't sell a property in our inventory, we are 100% comfortable owning it ourselves for the next 10 years.  Our clients will not purchase a property from us until they have been issued completed construction photos or video and the property is tenant-ready. 

We thank you for your time and interest in the information provided by our organization.  If there are any questions and/or comments regarding the data enclosed, please feel free to contact me directly.  Enjoy!


Gideon I. Pfeffer

Precise Associates -Managing Director




Precise Associates is one of the fastest growing and most successful real estate investment companies in the nation. We specialize in single-family residential homes with high rental yields in proven, money making markets. Plus, our experienced team manages the entire process for you. Click here to see how we can put our properties to work for you.

How to create wealth in Real Estate

At Precise Associates we are creating a new first, the first opportunity to create residual wealth through investing in real estate in the United States. Too many "quick-flip books" and too many "get-rich seminars" have jaded potential real estate investors and business people from buying real estate to create wealth. Ignored have been the fundamentals of real estate investing: buy low, sell high, invest in sound neighborhoods, and give yourself a way out of your investment. An individual decides to invest with Precise Associates when they recognize the phenomenal earning potential of real estate. These individuals realize that there is money to be made with investment in real estate and are ready to stop thinking or talking about getting diversified and actually taking the plunge. Precise provides this outlet for these individuals and has yet to have an unsatisfied investor. Precise Associates is comprised of real estate consultants, real estate investors, asset evaluators, and real estate agents. Our capabilities lead to one result: creating wealth for our clients. Precise Associates assists in the buying and selling of investment properties, and consults day to day with our clients to ensure they are making sound investment decisions. If you are interested in buying investment properties in the United States, email us or call our investment hotline immediately to set a meeting with a Precise representative.


Precise Associates can make you money. We assist private investors and institutional clients in all aspects of property investment and development to create long term wealth.