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Corey Dwan
Crested Butte Real Estate Expert
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Get to Know Corey Dwan

A native Californian, Corey has been blessed with a life full of adventures, including travels to all of western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Turkey, Nicaragua, British Virgin Islands, Columbia, Ecuador and South Africa. As an avid rock climber, hiker, scuba diver, mountain biker, and snowboarder, Corey is lucky to be able to enjoy everything Crested Butte has to offer and to call it his home. Corey’s travels brought him to Colorado in 1999, where he found himself becoming deeply involved in real estate purchasing, selling, and investing in the Denver market. In 2005, Corey relocated to Crested Butte and has since completed hundreds of real estate transactions from luxury estates to residential and commercial developments.

Being a long-time resident has helped Corey to become one of the top four Realtors in the Crested Butte area for the last six years. Corey has completed hundreds of transactions and over $150 million worth of volume in the Crested Butte real estate market. Corey works with his full time assistant, Erin, in order to best represent his clients with the highest degree of professionalism and quality service.

Corey brings a strong energetic presence to the Bluebird Real Estate team and the Crested Butte Real Estate market in general:

2017: #2 for amount of transactions, #4 for sales volume.
2016: #1 for amount of transactions, #1 for sales volume.
2015: #4 for amount of transactions, #3 for sales volume.
2014: #1 for amount of transactions, #2 for sales volume.
2013: #1 for amount of transactions, #3 for sales volume.
2012: #2 for amount of transactions, #4 for sales volume.

Please feel free to call Corey any time of the day. Corey is personally invested in Crested Butte real estate and is bullish on the Crested Butte market from the perspectives of both a real estate agent and owner. Corey’s enthusiasm, hard work, and honesty will serve you to the fullest, helping each of you find the perfect mountain home and investment.

Crested Butte, Colorado is truly one of the finest lifestyle investments one can make.



Welcome to Big Horn Ranch

Welcome to Big Horn Ranch a breathtaking Rocky Mountain creek frontage property located just 20 minutes from downtown Crested Butte.


As a Crested Butte local, I specialize in exceptional real estate service and astute valuation for many of the world's finest and most luxurious homes nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

I can help you find anything from your next luxury single family mountain home, to cozy ski in/ ski out condominium, to quiet lake and river frontage property, to golf course residence or to a beautiful parcel of vacant land and custom builder representation throughout the Crested Butte and Gunnison areas.


About Corey Dwan

2017: #2 for amount of transactions, #4 for sales volume.
2016: #1 for amount of transactions, #1 for sales volume.
2015: #4 for amount of transactions, #3 for sales volume.
2014: #1 for amount of transactions, #2 for sales volume.
2013: #1 for amount of transactions, #3 for sales volume.
2012: #2 for amount of transactions, #4 for sales volume.


Skilled Negotiator

Buyer Representation

Seller Representation

Internet Advertising Expert

William Eberle
"Speaking as one who has bought and sold at least thirty properties, I can recommend Corey without any reservation".
Chip Christian
"I first met Corey at a Mountain Edge HOA meeting where he was representing an owner. Some improvements were being done on the building and some owners including myself were enhancing our unit. Corey thought our monthly dues should be increased on the units that had improvements. I was upset about his stance, however, after thinking this thru I thought if he is sticking up for a customer with that intensity I think he would make a good listing agent. We have done 2 selling transactions with Corey and several referrals. He is one of the top 2-3 agents in the Valley and I would recommend he represent anyone as the selling or buying agent or both".
Local Business Owner
"Corey did an outstanding job for our purchase. Professional, ahead of the game, on it. I was notified immediately of the listing, Corey interrupted his personal time to write a contract and negotiate with the sellers. I could not be more pleased with his service and ability to get the job done in such a timely, professional manner."
Karey Low
"Not only was Corey very efficient in finding the property we wanted, negotiating the deal, and closing the purchase, he was also helpful in locating and arranging services for improvements and maintenance for the property following the purchase."
Diane Clow
"Corey is not only a service-oriented, organized and communicative Realtor, he's a resourceful, proactive marketer. He thinks outside the box; he utilizes electronic media broadly, and works collaboratively with other Realtors to bring the right clients to the right property for the right price."
Robin Bregman
"We highly recommend Corey Dwan as a real estate agent for anyone considering buying or selling in Crested Butte. He was indispensable during the sale of our first condo in Crested Butte by helping us to sell quickly and easily. We made a very nice profit in an otherwise challenging market. He was our agent, again, during the purchase of 2 more condos that same year. He was a savvy negotiator who always had our best interests in mind. We will buy and sell with him again without hesitation. It was a pleasure to work with him."
Fred Garth
“Corey is great to work with and understands exactly what the client wants from him. I have recommended him to other homeowners and continue to work with him currently."
Ross A. Sears II
"I just wanted to take the time to tell all of you, how much my family and I appreciate the hard work that your office did to help us acquire our new home in Crested Butte, CO. In particular, Corey Dwan went well beyond the call of duty to make sure that we were able to close on this property. The entire process took over 3 months and without Corey’s hard work and dedication I feel certain that the deal could not have been done. I can’t imagine a more complicated closing, with all the legal issues that we had related to the property, and Corey never gave up, and continued to help us every step of the way. It goes without saying that I will highly recommend Corey Dwan to anyone wanting to purchase property in the area. I consider him to be the best real estate agent in the area, and now a very good friend. On behalf of my family, thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Dan Bregman
"I have known Corey for several years. In that time we have completed three purchases and one sale. Corey continues to demonstrate that not only is he a consummate real estate professional, but goes well beyond his basic responsibilities to make sure that he exceeds customer expectations. It is for this reason that our relationship has grown well beyond the mere transaction. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in real estate transactions (purchase, sell, invest) in the CB / Gunnison area engage Corey as a partner."
Michael Hersh
"Corey is a consummate professional who understands all aspects of the home purchasing process. First and foremost, he listens to his client to understand what they are focused on, what they value and what their concerns are. He then educates his clients in areas that he believes might help them make a more informed decision. Once a specific plan in agreed upon, he does an outstanding job of patiently doing what needs to be done to execute the plan. He is clearly very close to the Crested Butte real estate market. He understands the banking/lending world very well, along with all of the legal aspects, including short sales, REO, foreclosures and the like. He is familiar with Crested Butte developers and knows which builders are well respected and which ones should be avoided. He is not focused on maximizing his fee income, which is refreshing; he simply wants his clients to be happy. He is fun to work with, honest, bright, creative and always maintains the highest degree of integrity. I would highly recommend him."
Ed Christian
“In a competitive real estate market as we have today, your agent has to be creative and possess the technical knowledge and tools to promote your property. Corey invests in the best electronic technology available to keep prospects up to date on our local market and listings.”
Bruno Maier
"I highly recommend Corey Dwan. His knowledge of Crested Butte and Gunnison County allowed me to find the right property at the right price. I would definitely work with him again!"
Jerilyne Deans
"I highly recommend Corey Dwan when you need a Realtor. Over the years that he has worked with us on various real estate projects he has shown an exceedingly high degree of professionalism and ethics. He returns calls and emails promptly, follows through on details, is extremely knowledgeable about the marketplace, and has a great attitude."
Deven Cleckler
"I highly recommend Corey Dwan. Corey is willing to put in extra work to get a deal done. He was knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to communicate with."
Beverly Troxtell
"Corey is hands down the best real estate agent we've ever worked with. If you want someone who is forthright, communicative, honest and will help project manage the closing on a property, he's your guy. Had it not been for Corey and convincing us to look at a particular property, we wouldn't have found the perfect home for us!"
Chris Argo
“Corey has done a great job marketing our property. Despite the difficult market, Corey is always looking for another avenue to bring in prospective buyers. Corey has a strong understanding of the Crested Butter market. I recommend Corey.”
Dirk Williamson
"Corey worked with us in our search for our vacation home in Crested Butte, Colorado. He had keen insights into the area and the market and helped us zero in on several target properties. Corey was able to offer fantastic support while we worked remotely to find the perfect home from the target list. He was able to provide photos and videos when we could not be there in person and helped us find a fantastic location that matched our needs and budget. Throughout the process Corey was a fantastic business partner leveraging his industry knowledge to help us drive to a great price and on-time closing. In addition, Corey helped us connect with local resources to support the house purchase and remodel effort. We highly recommend Corey and the Benson Sotheby's team."
Judge Ross A. Sears
"Now that the long ordeal is over and we have finally closed, I wanted to complement you on your professionalism and your knowledge of the Crested Butte Real Estate market. I have never before closed on a property that had so many problems and involved so many people. Thank goodness for your bulldog tenacity with the different people and your willingness to go far beyond the call of duty. Not many Realtors would have known what to do about the easement problems, or known who to call for each stage of the process to insure the problems would be cured in time for closing. Without your help I do not believe we would have ever closed on the home of our dreams. You are not only our Realtor, but you have become our friend! I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for property in the Crested Butte area."
Stig Somme
"Corey Dwan did a phenomenal job helping us through the process of buying property in Crested Butte. His advice was always high quality, he is insightful and knows the market really well. We could not have picked a better person to work with."
Sue Hopkins
“Corey is very responsive and listens to what is important to the buyer. He takes time to do whatever is necessary to get the job done and does his research. He truly cares about the clients he deals with. We would highly recommend Corey and consider him a great friend and contact in the Crested Butte area.”
Eduardo Martinez
"Corey is the agent you want to have on your side regardless of selling or buying. He is the most professional real estate agent we have dealt with (bought a premier ski in-out condo and we move around the country a lot so we know many agents). He always has your best interest in mind. We highly recommend Corey."
Annie Nichols
"Dealing with Corey has been a pure pleasure. He is a man of his word — honest, reliable, and a great person. I would have no hesitation recommending Corey to anyone interested in buying or selling property."
Mariann Kaye and John Minear
"We were impressed and delighted with Corey Dwan. He works full time selling homes, specializing in extensive internet advertising over and beyond what other realtors do in the Gunnison Valley. We loved seeing all the hits from Europe and South America! Thanks Corey, for a job well done!"
John Giuffre
"Corinne and I had been working with Corey for several months prior to the purchase and as you can imagine we had many, many questions as this was intended to be a mixed-use property and long distance as well. We were absolutely amazed as to how responsive and thorough Corey was in getting us the answers. We have been engaged with many agents over the years and can honestly say that Corey was the best we have ever worked with. He even did an inspection for us while on crutches and only a few days after his surgery. It was a real pleasure working with such a personable and yet professional person like Corey and he is a true asset to your organization. I wish Corey and the rest of your team all the success, as it is well deserved."
Howard Blitz
"Corey has been an excellent resource for selling my land. He has been diligent, knowledgeable and effective with using all available techniques of advertising my property."

Bluebird Real Estate Realtor specializing in luxury homes and estates, ranch and acreage properties, condominiums, ski in/ski out and residential in Crested Butte and Gunnison, Colorado.