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The Cosgrove Real Estate & Investment Group is dedicated to helping investors grow their investment portfolio by providing profitable investments opportunities nationwide.

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I am an investment consultant for the Cosgrove Real Estate & Investment Group with Keller Williams Realty Central Valley in Stockton, CA. I was born in Santa Barbara, but have lived in Stockton since I was 3 years old. I have lived all over the city and "know it like the back of my hand." I went back to Santa Barbara for 3 years and graduated from UCSB. I graduated with a degree in Pre-Law and decided I did not want to be lawyer (I wanted people to like me and not tell me joke after joke about how lawyers are sleezy snakes. Just kidding...sort of) I decided to try real estate and quickly got my license. I visited many offices in the Stockton, but was swept off my feet by Keller Williams. It was such a relief to find not just a close, cooperative office, but also a close knit nationwide company that is so proud of the culture they have created. Our agents are not cut-throat amongst each other, rather we are supportive and go out of our way to help each other succeed and please all of our clients. I have found my niche to be working with investors and finding investment property here in Northern California and establishing relationships with agents nationwide who keep me updated with investment opportunities in thier marketplaces. I have a large and ever-growing database of investors and investment opportunities of all kinds. I am great a researching and evaluating prospective investments. For any help on an investment, finding an investment, or maintaining an investment portfolio I am your man! I am always available at (209)774-1168, or you can reach me by email at

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I have 2 areas of expertise: Investment properties nationwide and Downtown Stockton.

Investment Properties: I follow the Central Valley investment market daily and continually update my database of available and prospective investments. However, I do not limit myself to just the Central Valley or even Northern California; I have established relationships with agents and investors in markets around the country. I research the current hot markets and the predicted up and coming markets and establish relationships with successful and reputable agents who specialize in investment property in these markets.

Downtown Stockton: Stockton has just begun to put forth great effort to revitalizing its Downtown. I have been involved in the planning and drafting of both Action Plans for the Downtown Hospitality District and the Downtown Housing Plan. Both of these Action Plans have been adopted this year, but have been in the works for a long time prior. I have sat in countless committee meetings, met with many "experts" and consultants of various issues, saw and gave input on each draft including the final acceptance of both Action Plans  by the Stockton City Council. But I am not stopping there. I am continuing to participate throughout the implimentataion process because as a "life-long" resident of this town I take great pride and responsibility in seeing that we are successful and that things are done on time and correctly. Both of these Action Plans are tied together and rely on each other for the success of each. Becuase of this there is so much in the works for Downtown Stockton. I am very anxious and excited about being in the middle of this great metamorphasis for our city! If you have any questions or comments please email them to me at

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