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Cottage to Kastle's life work has been in assisting individuals as well as professionals handle the responsibility of liquidating a loved one's or client's household possessions, belongings, and/or contents.  These may include general household goods or Antiques, Collectibles and other pieces of significant value or simply items that no one in the family sphere can use... and need to be sold and/or donated to those in need.

This can be quite a daunting experience and oftentimes a stressful and emotionally overwhelming experience. 

While working with Attorneys, Trustees, other professionals or individuals who have the responsibility of finding the best resources for their client's  estate, home and belongings - Cottage to Kastle takes all the pressure off and we work hand-in hand with those individuals and professionals to get the job done in an effective and efficient manner.  We make it easy...

At Cottage to Kastle, we are glad to be of service. 

Cottage to Kastle works with each of our clients on an individual basis  - examining their specific needs and finding the very best resource for their particular situation.  We do not lend ourselves to cookie-cutter scenarios nor generalizations.   Our clients are paramount, therefore the services we provide are unique and catered accordingly in order to meet our client's individual needs!

We are often imitated.... well, you know how the line goes.

Cottage to Kastle pain-stakingly takes the time to find the best avenues for the task at hand.  Oftentimes connecting with or bringing in Auctioneers, Appraisers, Organizations for donations, Charities and anyone else necessary in order to properly conduct and complete the work and most certainly, obtain the highest possible return for our client !

Cottage to Kastle works effectively and efficiently with integrity, honesty, loyalty and most importantly - We only work for YOU!  

Cottage to Kastle neither keeps a store, nor warehouse  - we work only for our client with only their best interest at heart.

Whether your requirement is to liquidate an Estate, sell the full or partial contents of a home you own or another home, perhaps one you may have inherited or been left in charge of - whether you live in the same area, out of state or abroad -- if you are moving and want or need to sell the pieces you will not be bringing with you or just have too much stuff around that you would like to sell - Cottage to Kastle is glad to be of service.

Cottage to Kastle will also stage your home and make it "market ready" or bring it to show condition as well as counsel, recommend and  assist you in re-designing your spaces with an extensive network of resources able and available to turn your vision into a reality!

Cottage to Kastle is available to help you organize or de-clutter, assist you in the packing process, decorate and/or  set-up hour home or office for special functions, occasions and parties and we offer a wonderful service for the Holidays - we will decorate your home or office  and come back to take everything down for YOU!

Another area of services provided by Cottage to Kastle is Clean-outs and removal or disposal of unwanted and almost always unusable items which can neither be sold nor donated and simply need to be removed from the premises.  Cottage to Kastle will come in and removed all debris and rubbish - and the best part is that you never have to lift a finger - Cottage to Kastle will take care of everything for you!

Cottage to Kastle works diligently and in unison with Real Estate professionals in Staging, Organizing, also in the Moving and Contents sale process and better than Broom Swept services.  We also offer many Real Estate clients Move Out / Move In - give us a call and ask us about it in greater detail!

Whatever service you are looking for and need done, Cottage to Kastle makes it easy...


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