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The Inner Game of the mortgage business is what ties all the tips, techniques and strategies together. That's what I train Loan Officers on. Visit

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No matter which mortgage discipline you focus on; Commercial Mortgage, Residential Mortgage, Reverse Mortgage, Option Mortgage, ect; knowing and understanding your full potential is critical in finding your true success, the success that you're capable of achieving.

The Inner Game is more than mental preparation.  It goes beyond positive thinking.  To describe in one or two paragraph's would be an injustice to you.  

Once you believe you have the potential to do more, be more, grow more than your current state, the sky's the limit to what you can accomplish in your mortgage business.

The term success is a relative term, it means different things to different folks.  You have to understand what that term means to you.  Maybe it means closing 5 deals a month;  maybe it's making 100 phone calls a week;  maybe it means averaging $5000 a closing, or maybe it means sealing 1 deal a month for a $10million commercial property.  Whatever it means to you, YOU need to strive to get it.  Once you reach that particular success goal, your Inner Game, your "in the zone" knowledge if you will, must be in a position to assist you in doing that goal again and going beyond it.

At, that's what you find out, how to continually play "in the zone" of YOUR mortgage business. 

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Being in the mortgage bsuiness for over 10 years, I have seen quite a bit.  I have held positions as a Loan Officer, a District Manager, and Officer Manager, an Account Executive and a Trainer.

My specialty is The Inner Game of a Loan Officer (and also understanding the Pay Option Arm).  My belief is you can get tips, techniques, scrips, list, ect al day long and there's nothing wrong with it.  BUT, if you don't know HOW to utilize what you already have inside of you, called the Inner Game, you'll neer be ablel to utilize these tools to their full potential.

I write a column called "The Mortgage Mailbag" where I answer questions from readers and give my thoughts and ideas about the Mortgage Business.  Check it out.

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