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I have a long and winding IT career spanning almost two decades. When I started in the mid-1980s, I was exposed to using top-of-the-line technology at the time which included blazingly fast 6Mhz personal computers, floppy diskettes the size of Manila envelopes, 75MB disk packs which are encased in portable aluminum boxes the size of travel luggages, huge line printers and monochrome one-color monitors. Back then wysiwyg (what you is what you get) as a term was seldom used. If you don't know DOS, you are not in IT. A few Microsoft Windows PCs are reserved for the weaklings. We as IT experts always use DOS. We were proud of that.

Eventually, Windows overtook DOS users and I had to adapt. I need to make myself an expert in Windows. So I studied Windows 3.1 and obtained proficiency from it. Every year or every six months, Microsoft upgraded its Windows platform: from Windows 3.1 to Windows for Workgroups, to Windows 98, to Windows NT, Windows 2000, to Windows XP. There seems to be no end to this learning. I stopped after Windows XP and I said to myself its enough. I cannot be an expert to all of these. Whatever Microsoft was thinking, I won't be a slave to this never ending learning spiral.

Thru the years, I rose from being a rank-and-file programming staff to managing a big IT group for multinational companies. I handled and managed everything that has to do with Information Technology and Communications. I was a COBOL programmer in the 1980s and became a software programmer using Foxpro for Windows in the 1990s. Programming was an exciting job but for me it got me bored at some point. So I had to find my place under the sun.

After so much soul-searching I found IT management to be my calling in mid-1990s. I enjoyed managing people, teaching them as well as learning from them. It was at this time that I learned that to be an effective leader, I should heed the advice of people regardless where the advice is coming from, whether from my boss or from my subordinates.  My  IT career flourished as an IT management professional and I enjoyed it. When the uneventful year 2000 came, I was managing the company's Year 2000 conversion and compliance programs to ensure the IT systems won't crash when the cross-over to Year 2000 occurred. Y2K was an invisible and a non-performing adversary.

It was in the early part of the 21st century that I was exposed to web technologies. I got fascinated by it so that I learn PHP, Perl and web technologies by my own. I never thought I would go back to programming and designing websites. I developed my first website by using Mambo Opensource CMS. Because of internal politics, developers of Mambo later formed Joomla. Joomla is now the leading opensource CMS platform and it is the platform being used by Will2Design.com. 

When I established my first website, which by the way, was an online tutoring site, I discovered that websites on its own are pretty useless if they get no visitors. In my haste to get traffic to my site and without doing research, I joined many Yahoogroups and I broadcasted my website URL in them, not knowing that I was already spamming them. Being a newbie in web technology, I soon learned the hard way that it was unethical to email groups of people that way.

Still curious, how to promote my website, I soon discovered the term "Search Engine Optimization". Other gurus termed it as "Search Engine Marketing". Free online courses and ebooks abound so I studied this field. I had relative success in the promotion of my online tutoring site as I was able to close a deal with a Taiwanese school to tutor 200 elementary and high school students English proficiency. I was again managing people but this time online as I maintained and trained online English tutors. Managing online and having an online business was very challenging and takes a lot of effort as compared to offline management. 

Enter the world of affiliate marketing and online marketing. It was introduced to me by a friend in one of the forums and I found out that I don't need to have my own product and services to do business online. I just need to promote other people's products and services and I can earn good money from these referrals. So with the help of my friend, I became an affiliate marketer and I don't have to worry anymore about handling people, fulfillment of services and products, inventories, customer service and other time-consuming activities. Affiliate Marketing coupled with SEO skills gave me an advantage to other marketers as I earned good money from it. It was at this point, that I resigned from my full-time 8 to 5 job and focused all my efforts in online marketing.

It was rough sailing at first but with my own research, I became relatively successful in it. To further hone my skills, I went on to study SEO in detail. I learned a lot from SEO gurus like:

Michael Campbell of the "Revenge of the Mininets"Ken Evoy of SiteSell.comDan Thies of "SEO Fast Start"Dr. Andrew Williams of "Creating Niche Sites" and "Creating Fat Affilate Sites"Leslie Rohde of "Dynamic Linking"Maria Veloso of "Web Copy That Sells" and WebCopyWritingUniversity.comJack Humphrey of AuthoritySiteCenter.com, "Authority Blackbook" and "Social Power Linking"Chris Rempel of "Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate"Andrew Hansen of "Niche Markeintg on Crack"and more.

There are other SEO gurus that are just too numerious to mention here but just the same made an influence and changed the way I looked at SEO. I view these people as my icons and I thank them all for all the knowledge I obtained from them.

With the knowledge came more business, as website owners began to recognize my skills and hired me to SEO their sites. Though very lucrative, I had to give up Affiliate Marketing because it just takes a lot of my time. Besides, if I intend to make an impact in the SEO field, I might as well concentrate on SEO full-time.

SEO eventually led me to wear many hats. As part of my SEO activities, I do blogging, forum posting, directory submission, link building campaigns, PPC (pay-per-click) management, Web 2.0 and social media marketing, copywriting and article writing, basic website setup and design, and a lot more stuff. SEO is a very dynamic and competitive field, you always need to be ahead of the pack and as Will2Design.com puts it, you have to rise above the crowd.

Learning never stops. Exciting times lay ahead of us. Join me in my journey. I will be blogging about this very exciting world as I share with you my thoughts, opinions and knowledge to help your web site succeed online.


I am Teodolfo and I am an Information Technology Consultant for Will2Design.com and Masterdigm.com. My field is SEO, link building and Web2.0 or Social Media Marketing.