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iGetSales is the creator of BluePrint., the integrated CRM, business and productivity management system for realestate agents to increase sales and for broker to increase agent count.

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Real estate is our business.  We care about the business health of real estate agents and brokers.  As the Chinese proverb goes, "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime."  With BluePrint, we teach agents how to run their business using a plan and by doing the key daily activities that drive their business to success, along with monitoring finances to make sure their business is on track, at all times, to meet their yearly goals.  BluePrint also helps brokers/managers who are looking to recruit agents so they can create predictable and profitable businesses, as well

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BluePrint is a web-based software solution created by two active real estate agents who knew the ups and downs of real estate and felt there had to be a way to keep business more balanced and flowing.  It was through coaching agents that Chris Martin and Cynthia Haskins created a solution that would change the way agents and managers do business forever.

Make no mistake, BluePrint is not a silver bullet.  By itself, all it will do is waste your money.  However, if you treat BluePrint as your GPS to success, it will absolutely take you where you want to go. Think of the business planning as the roadmap to where agents and managers would like to take their businesses and the key daily activities as the vehicle that drives them there.  The net income that an agent desires or the number of agents a manager would like to recruit is the final destination. Put all this together with some discipline and the right daily habits and BluePrint becomes the key to lasting results!

BluePrint is more of a process than a product and it can help get the job done. To learn more, please visit or give me a call at 843-478-9120.

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