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Hi, my name is Dana Bashor. I started my professional career in the real estate and mortgage industry. From selling homes to becoming a loan officer I've done it all. Since then I've worked as a consumer loan officer for 4 years helping individuals and familys purchase their first homes and vehicles. I also help family and friends with their finances. I love to help my closest friends find the holes in their finances and show them how to still save on a restricted budget. Since, I've grown the once home business into a full blown financial planning company. I now work and run Dana Bashor Services.

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Dana Bashor Services, a leading provider of traditional and online financial information to consumers, is dedicated to helping families meet their financial goals. Since 2008, Dana Bashor has helped families get out of debt and save for their future. Whether it’s financial advice, tips on how to save money or a professional plan to get you back on track, Dana Bashor Services can help you obtain those financial goals.

Using her knowledge she has learned over the years in the finance and mortgage industries, Dana Bashor uses this information to help you plan for your future. If you find yourself stuck and at a dead end with your finances, Dana Bashor Services can help you find a way out. Or, if you need assistance finding a way to purchase that fist home, Dana can help.

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