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First-Time HomeBuyers

 Over the last 4 years, I have helped many clients buy their first home.  They varied from the very best credit to some very bad credit.  I think the most important part of guiding someone through the process of buying their first home is education.  Blind trust is not required; I can explain the entire process from start to finish as we go through it together making sure you get the deal that is best for you, while making sure that some of the common home buyer mistakes are not made.  Most importantly for You, as a Buyer's Agent in these types of transactions, my expertise and guidance comes at no cost to you!



 As you may have heard on the news, the number of homes in foreclosure are at a record high.  Not all foreclosures are alike though.  Some are very clean and ready to go, while others require just a hand full of TLC.  These make great homes for the not-so handy investor, as well as the typical home buyer.  On the flip side (pun intended), there is still the rehab type properties that are perfect for flipping.  With years of construction experience, I can guide you through the process of figuring out the best price to pay, and the best contractors to hire to make your flip a success.  I also employ some great techniques to minimize your tax burden during the flip, while maximizing the sale price. Once again, as a buyers agent in these transactions, my services and expertise come at little or usually no cost to the Buyer (YOU!).


Residential Investment Properties

Over the last 4 years, I have followed many of the rental properties in my area, watching values and rents fluctuate.  Over that time, I have helped my clients buy and sell effectively; utilizing 1031 exchanges, refinancing techniques, and land contracts.  As an investor myself, watching the financial markets bouncing around like a superball in a rubber room scares me.  This is why I am convinced the best route to grow your money is in real estate investments.  With prices low, and rents slowly increasing, it is a great time to buy multi-family properties, but maybe an even better time to buy single family houses as investment properties.  The rental market continues to grow because the people who have had their houses foreclosed on need a place to live, and since they cannot buy, they rent.  In some cases, they are good tenants, they just lost their home because their payments rose beyond their ability to pay due to Adjustable rate mortgages.  This, among other reasons, is why it is a great time to invest in something you can touch and feel.


Last, and not least.... YOUR HOME!

  Honesty and a straight-forward attitude are some of the things I pride myself in.  These qualities are just a handful of things I bring when I list a home.  My presentation always includes the things that I do to sell your home, as well as my professional opinion of what your home is worth, what it should be listed for, and finally, the best tactics to sell your home.  When it comes to putting your house on the market, both you and I want it sold, so why shouldn't we do it the most price and time efficient way possible?


Honest, Straightforward and Creative. Specializing in First time home buyers, residential investment properties, and Foreclosures