Daren Wright (Wright Inspections LLC)

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Maricopa , AZ 85138

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I offer Home Inspection Services throughout the Phoenix area, including Maricopa and Casa Grande . I am fully licensed and insured and provide computer generated reports. I offer services for buyers,

Get to know Daren Wright

Originally a home builder from New York City, I have been in Arizona for 16 years now. I have 25 years of home building and remoding experience and I love using that knowledge in doing home inspections. I take the time to thoroughly inspect a home and explain all of the good and the bad to the client so they can feel comfortable with their purchase.



 When I do an inspection, every aspect of the home is looked over with structural integrity and occupants safety in mind. I provide a detailed report that descibes every aspect of your home. The easy to read report highlights and catagorizes important items. These items are listed under action items or maintenence items. Some actions items  are expensive repairs that you may work out with the seller. Other actions items are simple repairs that are important for health and safety. Maintence items are what to expect and address down the road to help maintain the value of your home. I go over the report with you and also ask if you have any concerns about the home that I have not touched on.

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