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Working throught Kent and Sussex to provide the most comprensive home loans for all clients that have many varied needs, from a simple purchase to a very difficult refi do to changing family situation

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Experience to see broad range of financial options to benefit you and your future.  Over 14 years of land use and real estate experience to see and know all the options that work out in this financial market for you to use. 

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As a previous elected official I had to work very closely with County Recorder of Deeds, Wills, Land Planning Office, Inspection and Enforcement, Receiver of Taxes, and Public Works to fix problems of record and payment.  I have written some of the actual county ordinances that we use today so if someone is telling you something that just does not sound correct with a real estate transaction I can correct it very fast.  Using knowledge learned on the job to now benefit my clients as I write mortgages for them.

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