DAVID SCHALL (OneVoice Communications)

OneVoice Communications is a telecom services provider specializing in small/medium size businesses. I personally focus on the real estate industry.

Get to know DAVID SCHALL

We provide a full range of telecom services(local,LD,Internet,Voice Over IP,conferencing,etc) targeted to small/medium businessesin the D.C. Metro area. I focus on the real estate industry, improving your offices ability to communicate and receive data while saving money. In a nutshell, we consolidate your services into 1 bill. This is accomplished by a free consultation to understand your communication needs and deliver a custom solution. We are your service provider for voice and internet/Data, and we handle all your service needs. OneVoice partners with the largest Tier 1 networks to give you the best prices and quality, but we handle your service needs. This gives you a flexible solution and allows you to function like the Fortune 500 companies even though you are a smaller company.



Our expertise is in providing customized solutions for small/medium size businesses to give them a competitive advantage. My experience comes in understanding the needs of Mortgage offices and Realtor offices and delivering a custom solution that saves you money and improves your efficiency. One Bill.One Contact. One Company. One Mission.