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RE/MAX Partners Broker Associate since 1997 Broward County Homes and Condos, specializing in the Oceanfront Galt Mile Condos and Coral Ridge Coops - Fort Lauderdale Florida

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I live in the Galt Mile area of Fort Lauderdale in the Coral Ridge Tower Coops and my other sites are and 


I see blogging as a natural extension of the computer and real estate industry. I see the data provided by the MLS and third party vendors as disconnected bits and pieces of knowledge about an area, a property, a market. It takes a pretty big program to gather and present all that knowledge in nuggets of useable information to help people make a decision. My attempt at putting what I know from the various data sources into my spreadsheets is to create a visual aid showing how I arrived at a price or condition and is something I can show others to say " this is what I see - what do you see from this report" ? I think blogging is much the same - this is what I know, what do you know and together arrive at an agreement of what we now know together.This Active Rain site is incredible, a living breathing history of a combined community of very knowledgeable people willing to take the time and energy to help and promote this great profession, filled with less knowledgable and less helpful people. A vehicle of information on the right track in the current market to make a difference in the way people think and react to real estate. After having read and read and read the blogs in almost every group,  I feel very humble by all of you, and I feel MUCH can be learned from my association with you. Thank you for this opportunity to learn and grow.